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Dull drums

Let’s see.. I guess I should generate some of my own content (instead of just linking to other people’s stuff.. I mean hey.. it’s not WowInsider here 😉 )

Yesterday I briefly mentioned the massive suck that was a Heroic Mechanar run. Last night was “the massive suck that is a Kara run”. We spent -all- night working on trash.. and finally cleared the Chess event. That’s it.

We started out with only eight people on and started to clear upwards. Eventually number 9 and 10 logged on. Just as we were getting to Illhoof’s door number 11 logged on. At the time we were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Baldwyne (Protection Paladin), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Validor (Holy Paladin), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Odisia (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), MagicWeaver (Warlock). Then we swapped out Tatia for Spiralla (DPS Shaman).

I figured that the raid was healer heavy (having three) and would benefit from the added DPS.. AND it allowed me to go finish up some sewing that needs to be done before this weekend.

Just after I left they made a couple of abortive attempts at Illhoof. None of them were sucessful. Although we’d been told that a warlock would make the encounter trivial it didn’t seem to really work out that way. (keep in mind I was off sewing at this point so I have no ideas of the specifics). Fiancee seemed to think that on that fight a third healer would have helped more than the added DPS.. and Weaver admitted that her little warlock wasn’t exactly geared to be so far up in Kara. So they wiped.. and then they wiped some more.. and then they wiped some more.. then they decided to go upstairs.. and they wiped on trash.. and then they wiped on trash some more.. and then they partially wiped on trash.. but found that the trash had respawned behind them.. so the raid was separated and the trash was starting to spawn right on top of the upper group.

This is when I rejoined the group (I finished my sewing project)(and Validor had to leave). Eventually the upper part of the raid wiped and joined the lower part of the raid and we re-cleared trash up to Chess. Chess chest dropped two leather pieces which were sharded. It was a long and unprofitable night. The raid got rep.. and that’s it.

Afterwards we were chatting about it.. a couple of the people in the raid were in a pissy mood. You could hear it in their voice and it effected others in the raid. We decided that the massive suck that was West Kingdom was to be blamed on rustiness (the week off without playing over the Holiday), new addons/equipment, and just plain cranky-ness from Holiday colds. Towards the very end of the run we all seemed to perk up and do better. Hopefully -that- is over with.. ’cause -that- sucked.

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  • Funny – we always used to run Kara with 3 healers (1 holy priest, a pally and a resto druid) and never considered it healer heavy. Worked like a charm and on the less healer heavy bits the druid joined in for some dps (having druids with gear for all builds helps of course ;-).

    Illhoof is a bitch indeed – unless you’ve got plenty dps *and* healing somewhere somehow it’ll go wrong – someone will get properly sacrificed or your healers won’t be able to keep up your lock/tank/whoever accidentally pulls aggro from 25 imps 🙂

  • OK, on Illhoof, we never run a ‘lock. Mostlty because every ‘lock who ever joined our guild turned out to be a complete psycho and didn’t last a week. No offense.

    Anyway, what we do: First we have a mage with fire resist gear on spam low rank arcane explosion the whole fight to ‘tank’ the little million little demon mobs. Two, I keep Illhoof as my Focus. XPerl has a focus frame and a target of focus frame. The only time Illhoof targets someone other than the tank is to summon demon chains. SO when I see Illhoof look aways from the tank, I announce the target on teamspeak, and start dropping heal-bombs on them. Third, remember Pallys can bubble out of sacrifice, thats always nice. Finally, because the fight is such a mess to try to click target or tab target, and because it is so vital to target those demon chains the second they spawn, all the dps use the six line macro from — the one that targets the demon chains if they’re up, then Kil’rek if he’s up, then Illhoof. If your target is dead, or if Kil’rek pops, orr if I announce a sacrifice target, click your macro and attack your new target.

    With that startegy, our chains don’t last more than a couple of seconds and the target lives through it no problems. Last not we dropped him with just me and an undergeared druid healer pulling about 30% of the healing.

  • Yeah, three healers is normal for a group learning Kara. I tend to run with only two these days, although I cheat and use a Shadow Priest or two.

    Next weekend, one of our Priests is going to try to solo heal a run. Should be interesting.

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