Impish by nature


Now is the time of the noobs. If you’re running endgame you probably haven’t seen them. If you’re traipsing around Outlands, you probably haven’t seen them.. if you’re just now running Uldaman with your new Mage alt.. you may see the crest of the wave.. but hie thee off to some starter zone and you’ll see them all over. These are the wunderkins who found “that Shatner game” under the tree. It’s been 3 days.. they’re probably in their teens now.

I’m conflicted. I have two response. One is a /facepalm about having to share my gamespace with a whole new pack of noobs. They’re in trade chat.. they’re melee hunters… they’re questioning all the acronyms. The other is an irrepressible urge to take some under my wing and Mother hen them into not-sucking-ness. I’m not sure which urge will win out. 🙂

I guess I was part of this crowd last year. I think I’ve made it mostly to not-sucking-ness… I didn’t have a mother hen but I did have a very supportive guild and a lot of blogs. I guess it’ll work out for them. I wonder if that means in 3-4 months that there’ll be a wave of newbie 70s hitting Outlands?

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