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Learning by watching

A few days ago I was in a (horrible) Mechanar run with a Warlock. I really haven’t grouped with a warlock as I’ve leveled so I haven’t had a chance to observe them to see how they work. I think this has hurt me in playing Lilac. On Nocc, my hunter, I’ve had a chance to observe a -lot- of hunters and we have several in the guild.. so I haven’t had to figure things out.. just observe and follow.

While in Mechanar I saw the warlock controlling two mobs at the same time. He completely eliminated them from the group’s to-do list. First, when the tank attacked he banished one of the demons. At the same time he enslaved another. So suddenly one demon was completely standing still.. and the other was suddenly fighting on our side. I was floored. It had never occured to me that Lilac could use this to take on groups of demons. This was -way- better than a single ice trap.

It’s with a delighted cackle of glee that Lilac started taking on the demons in Felwood. All of the groups were trivial. If it was a singleton, she’s smash them. Doubles, banish one, kill the other. Three? Banish one, enslave another kill the third. There weren’t any groups of four.. but I was feeling badass enough I’d’ve taken them on.

I almost want to start following warlocks around to see what they’re doing. Kind of spying on them. “Are you a good warlock or a bad warlock? If you’re a good warlock, can I follow you?”

2 thoughts on “Learning by watching”

  • Once you mastered that…

    Try the Banish one, Enslave another, and Fear a third. You have to control the Feared mob to not agro other groups, but you should be expert at that by now. Your enslave can tank and you have dead mobs in a bit.

    Welcome to the fold.

  • Playing as a warlock is awesome! You can to do cool things just like what you mentioned…there’s something special (i.e. hilarious) about making someone run back and forth trying to attack you but doing nothing via fear+curse of recklessness.

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