Bwah ha ha ha!

Gt posted on Seal of Stupidity:

Agador: Yeah the link I posted that I found through Mthic Chicanery
gt: nice typo
Agador: I can spell really.
gt: What the heck is Chicanery?
Agador: Its like being tricksy.
gt: And here I thought it was being Chicano.

Firstly: Yeah! I have an “awesome blog” and am being talked about 😀
Secondly: The name. Mystic Chicanery. Gather around kiddies for a quick story.

Once upon a time.. long long ago.. in the days before online graphical games.. our heroine (and yes, I am female) Nibuca (pronounced: Neh-booo-ka) played on a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon, online, all text based). This was when our heroine was in college.

Anyway our heroine frittered away her first two years in college playing silly little online games. She swiftly moved from level 1 to level 20 (the player level cap). After level 20 you became a wizard and could us the programming language LPC to make your own realms, beasts and quests. Nibuca was then known as “Mythical Mystical Monica H.A.B.” and from the MUD she learned the basis of programming (which is good because that meant that after she dropped out of college for two years, when she went back she studied Programming instead of Art and became the crack over-skilled (and possibly overpaid) Software Engineer she is today). When I quit the MUD (due to being thrown out of college and having no more Internet access) I was level 600 and #3 in charge of the MUD.

When I started playing WoW (my first online game since mudding) I decided I’d chronicle my adventures. This blog follows up my not-so-sucessful personal blog (honestly, I’m not that interesting.. and reading about “what I made for dinner last night” was getting really old really fast) and then my somewhat sucessful sewing blog (still write to that occationally) .. and then my partially sucessful… and yet abortive home building blogs(the home building blog could have been sucessful.. but I ran out of money.. thus cutting off the home building adventure stories rather abruptly.. but that’s another story).

Anyway, I setup WordPress and it demanded that I name my blog. “Warcraft Adventures” seemed a little general… “Mythical Mystical Monica’s Adventures in an MMORPG” seemed needlessly wordy.. “Wow stuff” was kinda boring.. I cast around for a while.. and then settled on “Mystic Chicanery”. Literally it translates to “Magic Tricks”. It’s short, sweet and (somewhat) memorable. It has the added bonus of allowing me to induldge in my tendancy at altaholism unapologetically. If I’d named my blog “Seal of Redemption” then I’d feel guilty writing about my Warlock.

So anyway.. there you have it.

For the record, I’m female (really) and white ;). In fact earlier today I commented to fiancee that there are pieces of my body that have never seen sunshine.. then he reminded me of “that one time” and I amended the statement to “have only seen sunshine once” 😀

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  1. Woot! At least the strange conversation Ag and I had came to a good resolve. Good story! So you aren’t a magical Chicano. Mmm its like a Superhero creation myth.

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