9 thoughts on “The unwritten rules

  1. Heh. Ours are:
    1) if the tank dies it is the priest’s fault
    2) if the priest dies, it is the tank’s fault
    3) if the entire party dies, it is the hunter’s fault.
    4) if you’re the hunter, blame your pet.

    This reminds me of a more amusing wipe we had in SL.
    I’m doing a standard misdirect pull. We had briefly talked it over with the MT and this was about to happen. All of this was discussed over vent. Just as I said I was going to pull the priest typed in ‘brb’ in party chat. The only person who saw it was the mage.

    Mage: Did you just pull?
    Me: yes.
    MT: kinda obvious, ain’t it.
    Mage: the priest is afk
    Me: what?
    MT: I see a wipe coming.

    Sure enough, we did. We did the short run back to our bodies and rezed. So we decided to play stupid. The priest gets back:

    Priest: why am I dead?
    All of us: huh?

  2. This is old school, but when running MC we had a human rogue that used to offer 50g to anyone that could get this other gnome rogue in our guild killed by any of the bosses….if he was the bomb during the geddon fight, no healer would assist him in anyway.

    The guild leader used to make it a point of gkicking the human rogue 3 to 4 times throughout the run as well.

  3. XD Awesome…

    When we wipe, everyone does /roll for blame. Highest number points out the person at fault, with one exception. Rolling a “1” is an automatic fail and it’s your fault 🙂

    We have a twist on the “if you’re mc’d we will try to kill you” deal. We have a group of people who do their best to kill the one mind controlled, and then we have me. I do my best to keep the mind controlled one cycloned to frustrate the others. 😉

  4. lol glad you liked our rule! Definately let me know if you guys get a chance to MD on someone AFK in your raid. I’m going to attempt to either get fraps or figure out a way to record said events happening…usually every so many kara runs we do find someone AFK – we’ve only done MD once with me so far (in gruuls) but they used to do it more often I guess.

    Lovin the rest of your rules though I”ll have to chat with the guild.

  5. Gads, lurters are so regular in my parties I’m glad most of my rolls are ‘greed’ these days. I do wish, however, that right click-to-attack wasn’t shared with the loot ability as I’m sure that would fix some of the misloots.

    (I’d love to be on your blogroll 🙂 )
    WoWGrrl player blog

  6. Hi Valdesta,

    You were on my blogroll but you weren’t posting so I moved you to my rss reader. 🙂 Now that you’re posting again I’ll move you back.

  7. My group is really just getting started, but as the heal lead, and a former mage, I’ve got a couple.

    CC – you break it, you tank it.
    Don’t be stupid, you won’t get heals.
    this mostly goes for stupid chatty people that won’t stfu and do their job, or folks that pull aggro early.

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