How I Heal, Grid+Clique the movie

My first movie. Be gentle.

This is a complimentary video to an entry I did a while ago. How I Heal, Grid+Clique. All links to the addons and a long winded explanations of them are located over there.

Download the “big” version (43 Meg)

Special thanks to WowInsider for their article about Machinima 101.
I used Fraps ($37) to record the video and then Windows Movie Maker (free) to edit it together and narrate it.

6 thoughts on “How I Heal, Grid+Clique the movie

  1. Nice little way to heal. Realy great for new players.
    You could ofc explain what addond you use and so on.

  2. I have not watched it yet, currently at work and all, but thank you for putting in the time!

    I really enjoyed the article and look forward to watching this later today!


  3. Great post, very cool I never heard of this game, but I am checking it out now! Anyways, look forward to reading your upcoming posts! Thanks

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