Dragons Gone Wild

West Kingdom did a slam-dunk of UBRS and decided to go test our mettle against Onyxia. On the first try we lost quite a bit of the raid at the first Breath in phase two. Unfortunately she bugged out on our second attempt. Fortunately we got it on tape. At the request of WK, “Dragons Gone Wild”.

The sad part is that the only four people left in the instance were all off-mike (one way or another). Fraps won’t record me on my mike.. and because he sits behind me, it won’t record Fiancee(I have him muted in Ventrilo). Ireena has no mike.. and Daegothh was curiously quiet. So it does lead so some disjointed discussions in the video. We -were- talking on Ventrilo.. but because it didn’t record me or Fiancee you missed a lot of the conversation.

I will note though.. Tatia was the last toon standing. Pally power FTW!

2 thoughts on “Dragons Gone Wild

  1. She did that to us too! It was a pain. We ended up being completely disoriented and wiping because when she unbugged, she unbugged on top of me and tail swiped me into whelps. T_T

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