Hunters are so lucky!

So I’ve been noodling it a couple of days.. and after watching BigRedKitty’s Lowbie-Hunter guide about playing a lowbie hunter (and not sucking meleeing) I was wondering if you could extend this same method (strafe kiting etc) to a clothie class. So I created a little lowbie warlock, Døt.

Level 1: Shadow Bolt (1.7 sec cast)
Level 2: Shadow Bolt (1.7 sec cast) + Immolate (2 sec cast) + Imp pet (Firebolt 2 sec cast)
Level 4: Shadow Bolt (1.7 sec cast) + Immolate (2 sec cast) + Imp pet (Firebolt 2 sec cast) + Corruption (2 sec cast) + Curse of Weakness (Instant)
Level 6: Life Tap + Shadow Bolt Rank 2 (2.2 sec cast) + Immolate (2 sec cast) + Imp pet (Firebolt 2 sec cast) + Corruption (2 sec cast) + Curse of Weakness (Instant)

Methods to avoid melee:
1. Strafe kiting. Requires instant cast spells. Works best if toon can slow down the mob (Concussive Shot, for example)
2. Freeze the mob in place then kill the mob before it can get to you. Requires a “freeze spell” (Roots, Frost Nova).
3. Zerg the mob from range. Kill it before it gets to you.

So, here we are, level 6 and we still don’t have anyway to slow down the mobs or stop them at a distance for easy killing. In fact, even if we could slow down the mobs my only instant spell is Curse of Weakness.. and it doesn’t do any damage. Pfft.

Up to now I’ve used the “zerg” method of killing. Start killing the mob at the very edge of range. Hopefully by the time the mob gets to me, it’s almost dead. This has worked wonderfully for single mobs and for non-elites.. but it’s working less well otherwise. Luckily the mobs are still hitting very lightly and I haven’t had any real problems despite my tissue armor.

I suppose that with Immolate and Corruption applied to the mob I could then run away from the mob when it finally got to me.. but I just get the feeling that the mobs would be able to catch me before they died.. then again.. 1-2 blows while I’m running away may be better than 5-6 blows while I’m standing still. Hrm.

At level 8 Døt will get “Curse of Agony” her first damaging instant spell and “Fear”. I’m hopeful for all kinds of kite-y goodness there.

At level 10 Døt will get a voidy.. all kinds of tanky goodness there.. but she won’t get Curse of Exhaustion.. well for a long time.. and even then she’ll only get if if she specs into it.

Hunters are so lucky.

1 thought on “Hunters are so lucky!

  1. Warlocks are usually very good at kiting mobs, unless they’re undead or immune to fear. 🙂

    My favorite method is cast immolation first (longer cast time), then your instant dots – corruption if you’ve improved corruption, curse of agony (when you get it), siphon life (if you spec for it and when you get it). Then fear. Life tap then Life Drain while it’s running. You will have to move to keep up with it a little bit, possibly. Reapply all items as needed.

    The only downside to fear-kiting is if it runs into friends who will come back with it. 🙂

    When you get your VW, my favorite method back when was to send in the VW for a second. Then after it torment’s once, maybe twice, lay in curse, corruption, siphon, then immolate (does instant damage), then life drain or health funnel to heal your pet. By the time it stops hating your VW, it’s dead and a shadowbolt should knock it out!

    At least, it was that way when I was a baby-lock. I don’t know if it’s been changed. 🙂

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