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I’ve finally hit my groove with Lilac. It’s not total.. and I haven’t moved up to taking on multiple mobs.. but I was able to fully dot up a mob to the point where it ran at me.. and then use a combination of kiting/fearing to get the last little bit of health out of the mob without actually being hit by the mob. Additionally I was able to do this and end the fight at nearly full health/mana. Feeling kind of uber.

Grimr suggested that since we had a large group of low-60s on we should finish up HFP group quests. We did Raging Collosus, RockFlayer Matriarc, Drill the Drillmaster and.. the Overseer one. I had -so- much fun. Dotting up boss mobs and seeing my name actually on the threat meter (and fairly high on the threat meter) was a very nice change after bumping along the bottom with Tatia.

I think we’re going to try and do Ramparts tonight.

I had an odd moment though. Yesterday, at level 61, Lilac got both the Flamewrought Key and the Coilfang Reservoir key. Yes, she’s Honored with both Honor Hold and with Cenarian Expedition. It’s very odd. Especially since I wouldn’t even barely consider taking her into a heroic at this point. I don’t think Tatia had those keys until she had been 70 for a couple weeks.

Lilac is making good progress on her Tailoring. Currently she’s at 356 Tailoring and had made high-end cloth twice. I’ve finding it very convenient to make all three kinds of cloth and trade the [item]Primal Mooncloth[/item] and [item]Spellcloth[/item] for [item]Shadowcloth[/item]. I think I have 4 pieces of Shadowcloth already.

The last time I made cloth I forgot to complete the Tailoring specialization quest. I now have a mental note to complete that the next time I’m at Alter of Shadows (before I make the cloth). It looks like I’ll need 26 Shadowcloth and 24 Spellcloth for my pre-Kara set. Work Work Work.

Lilac’s ToDo List:
Run Sethekk Halls alot to get [item]Sethekk Oracle Cloak[/item] from Talon King Ikiss
Get 50 spirit shards for [item]Seal of the Exorcist[/item]
Get Scryer – Honored for [item]Pattern: Mystic Spellthread[/item]
Get Scryer – Exalted for [item]Pattern: Runic Spellthread[/item]
Get The Sha’tar – Revered for Head Enchant: [item]Glyph of Power[/item]
Get Cenarion Expedition – Exalted for [item]Ashyen’s Gift[/item]
Get 27K honor 40 AV medals for [item]Gladiator’s War Staff[/item]
Complete quest “The Hound-Masterâ€? @ Blade’s Edge Mountain for [item]Natasha’s Arcane Filament[/item]
Get to 70.
Make Shadowcloth and Spellcloth for Tailored pieces.

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  1. About the keys:
    If I recall correctly you used to have to be revered to buy the heroic keys. In patch 2.3 they lowered the rep level to honored. So just about anybody can get them now without having to rep-grind first.

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