Guild First: Netherspite

Group Shot Finally! We figured out juggling the beams. I still hate the red beam with the fiery hot passion of a thousand burning suns.. but at least we’ve proven we can do it.

We finally downed him with only 30 seconds left before he enraged!

Tatia all Matchy Matchy Earlier that night we finished off chess which dropped my legs [item]Legplates of the Innocent[/item]. Whee! Tatia is looking all matchy-matchy (helmet, breastplate, gloves, legs, feet, and shield). Her belt and shoulders don’t match and Maiden (that bitch) refuses to drop my bracers and weapon.

Then we skipped upstairs and smacked Prince around. He dropped the Paladin head token (which I already had) and [item]Gorehowl[/item].

Feeling cocky we then took on Illhoof. It turns out, with two warlocks that fight isn’t so bad. Zynnia died.. but then Zynnia always dies. *sigh* I don’t remember what he dropped.. something for the Shaman.. and um.. something else *shrug*.

Lastly we ran up an took on Netherspite. It took three tries..or mabye it was four.. idaknow, you lose track after a while. Anyway.. boo-ya!
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4 thoughts on “Guild First: Netherspite

  1. Grats! Thats a hard fight to learn and a hard fight to master, what with all the running around grabbing beams. I think the main thing is having proper beam assignments and making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. Last week we skipped him because the raid had been running late and we were not ready to deal with him, this week I was shocked that we one-shot him in like 5 minutes. We may finally have him on farm status!

  2. Hi Nibuca!

    Very nice work on Netherspite!

    We’re at the point where we can one-shot pretty much everything, except that stupid dragon. He just takes all sorts of coordination with those beams that for some reason we’re just not capable of. I’ve done the fight as a pug with other guilds and it’s actually really easy, but the lack of room for error during it gets us every time. We’re perfectly content to call it a full clear without him, heh. Illhoof was the last piece of the puzzle for us. And now we can get him with or without warlocks. He won’t give me that lovely chest, though, booo.

    And your e-fame is helping me, I’ve gotten quite a few views from here as a result of you linking my post and then you getting linked on WoW Insider a whole bunch over the last week or two. 🙂


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