Addon: Auctioneer’s askprice

Ok.. things you learn by reading the documentation 🙂 Auctioneer has a feature called “askprice” That is, you can set it up so that someone can whisper you asking for your scanprice for an item. Like so: Can also be configured to take info from guildchat. Pretty damned cool!


Warrior: Spell Reflect is broken

Per Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Spell reflect is broken. He puts it up, blows 25 rage and nothing. Sucks to be the tank. Sucks to be the raid. Correction: Gongniu’s spell reflect was broken in Kara. It worked when he challenged a caster to a duel and with mobs outside of Kara. Note: Gongniu filed a GM ticket early in the…

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Dragons Gone Wild

West Kingdom did a slam-dunk of UBRS and decided to go test our mettle against Onyxia. On the first try we lost quite a bit of the raid at the first Breath in phase two. Unfortunately she bugged out on our second attempt. Fortunately we got it on tape. At the request of WK, “Dragons Gone Wild”. The sad part…

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Hunters are so lucky!

So I’ve been noodling it a couple of days.. and after watching BigRedKitty’s Lowbie-Hunter guide about playing a lowbie hunter (and not sucking meleeing) I was wondering if you could extend this same method (strafe kiting etc) to a clothie class. So I created a little lowbie warlock, Døt. Level 1: Shadow Bolt (1.7 sec cast) Level 2: Shadow Bolt…

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Ok.. so this movie making thing is kind of addictive. A bit of humor (and poking fun at my brother). Lurt: v. To loot during combat. Lurter: n. One who loots during combat. Also heard on video: Krullwyn, Raouen, Chulong, Pheefee and Talyanne.

Hunters, Macros

Hunter Attack Macro

I tweaked my Hunter’s attack macro based on the buggy piggies. This macro lets me take “Charge” off auto-cast but still uses it at the beginning of the fight. It should also prevent my piggie from breaking my (and other people’s) traps. New macro: /target [help] targettarget /cast Hunter’s Mark /petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target /cast [pet:Boar] Charge /stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists] /petfollow


How I Heal, Grid+Clique the movie

My first movie. Be gentle. This is a complimentary video to an entry I did a while ago. How I Heal, Grid+Clique. All links to the addons and a long winded explanations of them are located over there. Download the “big” version (43 Meg) Special thanks to WowInsider for their article about Machinima 101. I used Fraps ($37) to record…

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Meta Role Playing: Impermanent Death

I don’t play on a RP server.. and in fact I don’t think this type of topic is touched by roleplayers. My perception is that roleplayers overlay the rules and norms of the “real world” onto the “game world” and play based on those rules. Regardless, I think this is an interesting mental exercise. If Azeroth were real, what would…

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