-Drama- OMG Shattered Halls Sit In

It’s like a passive protest against bad pugs. Go and check out Doofy the Paladin (though I think he was playing his mage) and “The Great Shattered Halls Sit In of ‘07“

Kvetching, Lilac, Tatia

There’s no place like home…

Holidays.. I got in a lot of family time.. and very little WoW time. I’m ok with that. It is as it should be. I did learn that I’m almost completely dependant on my Nostromo N52 and Bartender3. I’m gimped playing without them.

Hunters, Macros

Steady Shot + Kill Command

Fiancee asked for a macro yesterday. He noticed that Kill command doesn’t trigger the global cooldown so he wants it to try and do Kill Command whenever he hits Steady Shot. This would eliminate a button from his screen… and it would make sure that he triggered Kill Command whenever it was up.