High King Maulgar take two

West Kingdom paired up with Shadow Warlords again to smash High King Maulgar (we would have gone further but lots of people had to log off). WK fielded the following toons: Tatia (Holy Paladin), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Amellea (Feral Tanking Druid), Weaver (Holy Priest), Daegothh (Mage), Odisia (Mage), Talyanna (Mage), and Validor (Holy Paladin).

He dropped DPS bracers.. which Joebelcher picked up for an offset and two of the Paladin, Shaman, Rogue T4 Shoulder tokens. Shadow Warlords took one of the tokens.. WK took the other. Tatia rolled against Validor (though Validor later admitted he already had them) and Tatia won! This means with adding the [item]Justicar Pauldrons[/item] Tatia is in 3 of the T4 pieces.

It looks like the chest drops off of Magtheredon and the legs drop off of Gruul. Whee!

I frapsed the fights but wasn’t able to encode them last night. I hope to get that done tonight. Just a basic “watch us fight” with really bad sight angles since more than likely I’m staring at grid instead of watching the fight. Anyway. Look for that tomorrow.

WWS http://wowwebstats.com/2w26zn3dvcz3u