(Sorta) Guild First: Bear lord Nalorakk

NalorakkMy guild “West Kingdom” in cooperation with the guild “Shadow Warlords” fielded a 10 man group to go try Zul’Aman. We were easily able to take out the bear lord but found the bird boss to be too much to handle.

I’m hesitant to call this a guild first only because it wasn’t a guild-only first. West Kingdom -can- field a 10 man group to ZA.. we just haven’t. So this is a (sorta) guild first. Shadow Warlords is also our partner into Gruul’s Lair and (hopefully eventually) other 25-man raids.

I have screenshots but I forgot to upload them before leaving for work. I’ll get this post updated tonight with pics. Seriously, what do you need the screenshot for? It’ll look like every other dead bear boss pic on the net.. only for this one Tatia the Dranei will be standing in front of the corpse. Pfft

Each guild fielded half of the raid. From West Kingdom we had Tatia (Holy Paladin), Daegothh (Mage), Talyanna (Mage), Chulong (Rogue), Raouen (MM Hunter). From Shadowwarlords we had Trollfodder (Mage), Urd (Priest), Vyrke (Holy Paladin), Joebelcher (Warrior), and .. um.. “nox” (don’t remember the toon’s name be he was called nox in vent) (Warrior).

We blazed right through the bear boss .. though we did arrive -at- the bear boss with only 1 min left before the sacrifice. Not sure entirely what that means 😉 My impressions of bear fight: heal heal heal stand up from charge, heal heal heal. The tanks did a fantastic job of juggling his aggro so it was very easy to keep focus healing on the tank currently taking damage.

Then we headed across the way to try the bird boss. For the record I’ve been through the gauntlet before. WK made it all the way -to- the bird boss on our first attempt at ZA (HRM.. for some reason I never wrote that up on the blog HRM). Anyway the gauntlet sucks. Last time we did it we bugged out the instance so we never got any birds… not sure what we did.. but it made the gauntlet much easier. This time we were told that you can no longer bug it out.. so we had to deal with the birds.

The plan: Hunter puts down frost trap to slow the warriors coming from behind. Two warrior tanks will hold two of the troll warriors while DPS focus fires them down. Mages will sheep the other troll warriors until DPS is ready to deal with them. Vyrke (the other holy pally) will consecrate in the front and pick up all the birds. Tatia will heal on Vyrke. Vyrke will heal the main warrior tank.

For the record I’m a bit sketchy about having a holy pally tank while healing. He can’t block/dodge/parry so he’s taking a lot of hits. I don’t know of a better way to do it though so I didn’t mention it in the raid.

So anyway, I’m assigned to heal Vyrke only.

In our first run Vyrke died to the third pack of birds he picked up. It was entirely my fault.. and not only that, it was a lame reason. As you’re heading up the gauntlet.. on the left there’s a HUGE leafy fern. As Vyrke moved forward to pick up the third pack of birds I moved forward to keep up with him.. and my camera got blocked by the fern at the same times as my toon got stuck on the base of the plant. So instead of concentrating my heals on Vyrke I was fighting to get my toon out of the freaking plant. *sigh*

On our second run Vyrke died to a huge pack of birds just before we engaged the last set of trolls. Given the situation at the time, I was healing as fast as possible and wasn’t distracted. It was just too much damage all at once for me to heal through. Even after he died we were able to engage the last troll warrior.. and we got him down to 9% (nine freaking percent!!) before we wiped.

On our third run Vyrke died to a huge pack of birds about half way up the gauntlet. (starting to see a pattern here?) Again it was too much damage for me to heal through.

We may have done another one but it had the same results, I couldn’t heal fast enough to keep up my healing target.

At this point Joe decided to swap me out for a better geared healer.

Based on the circumstances, I agree with his decision. It was implied that the method we were using to run the gauntlet was a method Shadow Warlords had used before. Therefore the method wasn’t questioned. Assuming it’s the “known to work method” then the “broken” piece was me. I wasn’t performing my job in my position. Vyrke kept dying… so I wasn’t performing. So Joe brought in Ameba (Resto Shaman) from Shadow Warlords.

They swapped healing assignments around and made another attempt at it. Vyrke died again. When asked what happened the healer said he was taking too much damage to heal through.

At this point they decided to change their method.. now, instead of gathering multiple packs of birds, the group would AOE down Vyrke’s packs of birds before going on to the next set of troll warriors. This worked like a charm and the group made it to the bird boss.

At the bird boss Ameba swapped out so that I could join the raid again.

The hint remains that Tatia was removed from the raid for not being able to do her job. This is EVEN FURTHER compounded by the fact that we couldn’t down the bird boss. The easy reason is “well you brought a gimp healer”. So.. even more suck.

I believe that with this new method I could have healed Vyrke through the gauntlet. I know that WK doesn’t doubt my skills as a healer.. but I’m not so certain about the members of SW. Oh well.. I guess time will prove that out one way or the other.

My impressions of bird boss fight: run to spot in circle, heal heal heal run to the center, heal heal heal, run to spot in circle, heal heal heal run to the center.. heal heal heal die. I think we made three attempts before we had respawn on the gauntlet. At one point I was so focused on healing I didn’t notice I was dead. It wasn’t until I tried to run back to my place in the circle that I realized that the reason none of my heals was going off was because somewhere in that storm I’d died. Even then, Fiancee, who was watching over my shoulder, said I looked up, noticed I was dead then still tried to cast three more heals

After the raid I was told that Vyrke would like to discuss healing with me. Vyrke, Joe and I settled into our own vent channel and had a nice talk about enchants, healing, gear, etc. It was a very good discussion and they had many helpful suggestion. I think at some point I got fatigued with Tatia. She’s been playing at a “good enough” level and I hadn’t been taking the time to review her gear/gems/enchants.

We met up in Shattrath and the actually gave me a gift. They handed me a gift wrapped package that contained [item]The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min[/item]. Wowwza! I do wonder who this Sue-Min chic is…

In the discussion Vyrke and Joe seemed to indicate it was the size of my heals that troubled them, not the quality of my healing. My Flash of Light was hitting for about ~1500 when Vyrke expected them to be hitting for ~1900. That lack of ~400 health points was attributed to my low +heal (I think I was at ~+1400 healing). They had alot of helpful (and expensive) suggestions. At this point I’ve implemented most of their suggestions. I still need a few more gems, and I’m contemplating a respec.. but I jumped from ~1300 +healing to +1733 healing(Tatia). So it can only be for the better.

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