Yesterday when I got home from work I was in A MOOD. I don’t often get into a mood. How to describe… I wasn’t in a bad mood.. in fact it was very good.. though there was scowling and .. um.. loud voices.. and stomping.. it was with an undercurrent of humor. Hmmm I sound like an absolute horror.

Ok, trying again. I got home in a -good- mood.. and found that fiancee had stacked empty pizza boxes on my chair… for which I .. um.. raised my voice at him (all the while laughing on the inside) and then threatened to beat him with one of the empty boxes. He (laughingly) took the box away from me and then put them on my desk (still completely in my way). So I pick them up and moved them to the kitchen. While walking back to the kitchen I decided to stomp. Our house has a crawl space.. our floors have tiles.. we have a large in-floor heater (named Humphrey) that rumbles loudly when you stomp near it. It amused me. STOMP STOMP STOMP So I stomped back into the office, gathered up even more dirty dishes and then stomped them back to the kitchen.. STOMP STOMP STOMP then stomped back to the office. STOMP STOMP STOMP All the while laughing inside.

Today the bottoms of my feet are sore and bruised. I’m still amused.

*I really tried to think of a way to make this WoW related.. but I can’t directly. It’s vaguely related.. right after the stomping I logged in… HTH

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  1. Hmm… ok – after reading this post, if i wasn’t aware you already had one well on the way, i would seriously recommend a warlock as the class that was made for you 😉

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