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Month: February 2008

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What’s in a name?

Blog Azeroth is an online community of Wow Bloggers. As part of the community we have a semi-regular feature called “Shared Topic” where one blogger proposes a topic and many bloggers who are part of the community respond to that topic. This is a response […]


I didn’t do Kara last night. I had the opportunity to.. but it turns out we already had 3 healers in the raid. Suddenly West Kingdom is overrun with healers (we didn’t even have all of the healers logged in). Instead I took the night […]

WoW Motion Sickness

I’m ba-ack 😉 Logged in today for the first time in over a week. Vacations good. If you’ve ever taken a week off of the game then you’ve seen what I’ve seen. After you take a week off.. then for the first hour or so […]

Evolution of a Warlock Macro

So.. well.. I’m a programmer at heart. If it’s good as it is, it’d be even better if I could get a computer to do it. Last week Lilac ran Mana Tombs and I got my first taste of warlock CC. I dutifully made up […]

Oh yeah

Mmmm.. ok.. so forgot to mention.. I’m vacationing =) be back on 8/20. Have fun. [Edited: *sigh* this is why you should never put something on your blog from an unknown laptop using a wireless connection at some cheap hotel in the middle of no […]

Et maka me laff – ha ha

Go visit Seal of Stupidity, topic: farming. Gt makes me laugh!

High King Maulgar (boring) movie and brief analysis

WWS From Wowwiki: High King Maulgar is the lord of the ogres of the Blade’s Edge Mountains of Outland, ruling from within Gruul’s Lair. His council consists of Kiggler the Crazed, Blindeye the Seer, Olm the Summoner and Krosh Firehand. I wonder if HKM […]

High King Maulgar take two

West Kingdom paired up with Shadow Warlords again to smash High King Maulgar (we would have gone further but lots of people had to log off). WK fielded the following toons: Tatia (Holy Paladin), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Gongniu (Protection […]

Full of suck

West Kingdom spent all night clearing trash and attempting Aran. There was no win. Sad Pandas. If it wasn’t death by arcane bolts, it was death by flamewreath or blizzard.. or flamewreath while elementals arrived.. and then mass sheep followed by fireball. It was a […]

Warlock Epic Mount Quest

As sad as it is to say.. Lilac was 63 and still puttering around outlands on a slow demon pony. Well no more! Lilac’s got her dreadstead. I think I will call him “Spike”.