Impish by nature

Month: March 2008


The dust is settling from 2.4 and Addons have mostly calmed down. Omen is a bit fubar-ed.. but most of the time it’s ok. I’ve started using Recap since Recount seems so flaky. Recap is showing Lilac at a consistent ~400 dps. This is lower […]

Daily Fatigue

There’s too many dailies. I can’t come up with an efficient path to complete them all. Especially when Lilac can’t use the special taxi between Skettis and Ogri’la. *sigh* So.. assuming I start in Shatt… My current route: – Pick up 4 quests in Shatt […]

Addon: CogsWheel’s MacroTalk

Ok, thrashing around the Internet can have good results some times. I generated this macro for showing raid icons of my focus: /cast [target=focus] Polymorph /run local x = GetRaidTargetIndex(â€?focusâ€?) or “0″ if x==â€?0″ then SendChatMessage (’Sheeping ‘..UnitName(â€?focusâ€?),’SAY’) else SendChatMessage(’Sheeping ‘..UnitName(â€?focusâ€?)..’ {rt’..x..’}.’,’SAY’) end The problem […]

Productively unproductive

I accomplished exactly three things yesterday. – Tweaked a macro into submission. – Helped guildies to setup focus macros and to setup grid+clique. – I acquired all but 2 Primal Mights that I need to make Lilac’s Spellfire Pants. I have the mats for the […]

First Impressions

– LOVE the fact that my computer is back and working. It’s a thing of ultimate beauty! – Love the new Grid. Pet support and visual heals are now built directly into Grid. Love Love Love it. – Love the new Omen. I know some […]


I got my computer back last night.. but didn’t get it hooked up and working in time to goto Kara. *sigh* Then today the patch hits .. so all my addons will be broken :}

I quip because I love

Fiancee just called to say that computer is coming home tonight. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get back to generating actual content again 😉 In the meantime, recent quips for your enjoyment.

99% Hit on non-bosses

So lacking actual playtime (I mean really, do you want to hear more about fishing on a laptop?) I’ve been playing around with Warcrafter. Specifically looking at Lilac and deciding on gear. I’m resolved that she needs to get 202 spell hit for boss fights.. […]

Continued Computer Woes

We got the computer back late yesterday. After 2 hours of fiddling with it I concluded it’s still broken. Symptoms: Runs for a little bit.. then Internet connection seems to stutter (Ventrilo would stop transmitting but still show as connected.. if I disconnect/reconnect then I […]


With all the computer excitement I forgot to mention. West Kingdom fielded a zerg group into Kara on Monday. The mandate of the zerg group is to attempt Kara only one night a week and is to down as many bosses as possible. This week […]