Wearing the Pants (well, not quite)

PantsIt seems when you start tossing around new schedules for Kara everyone in the guild suddenly gets a case of apathy. *sigh* Logged on last night and only two people were on. Waffled about for a while trying to setup a guild group. We didn’t have the right makeup of toons.. nor enough of them. I jumped into LFM to fill our empty spots but I wasn’t seeing the right puggers. Eventually I got an individual invite to ShadowLabs and I jumped on it. (Bad Nibuca!!.. abandoning your guild! Traitor) *sigh*

The group was: Druid Tank, Holy Priest Healer, Lilac (ME) (Affliction Lock), Hunter, Rogue.

The inviter failed to mention that they’d already killed off the mobs needed for the daily dungeon quests. Grr. I considered dropping out.. but I have quite a few drops I need off of Murmur so I stayed with the group. It was slow going. The tank marked slow and the pulls were even slower. At one point the priest declared she needed to repair and hearthed out. Then, just after she got back the hunter declared he needed to repair and hearthed out. Grr.

They had a different method for dealing with Vorpil. I’ve always done the North-South method (aggro Vorpil, run north, dps him, when he transports you to his platform, run south, dps him, repeat until dead). Instead they pulled him over to a corner and DPSd him. They ignored all the adds and just DPSd him. Frankly, having done both, I like North-South better. The corner method was a lot more painful and it’s just annoying to get him down to 1% and then have him get healed up to 25% before he kills off the party. Grr.

We ended up taking a couple of attempts on Murmur. When murmur breathed, the Rogue would randomly choose where he was running out of the circle. Invariable this put him close to either me or the healer.. and invariable he had murmur’s touch and blew up on us. It was kind of a relief when he finally died.

BUT!! Murmur dropped [item]Pattern: Spellstrike Pants[/item] which Lilac won. Yeah! So now Lilac can craft her own pants. Unfortunately the mats are very expensive.. and the [item]Spellstrike Hood[/item] would be a better upgrade.. so it’ll be a while before she gets to craft them. I’ve only been able to get two primal mights so far. Hopefully I’ll have more soon.

2 thoughts on “Wearing the Pants (well, not quite)

  1. Imagine if you had quit you may not have gotten the pattern. I reverse way of looking at things but the route of perseverance. However bad or inexperience pugs do happen.

    Yeah on Vorpil I always tank pull and take him South direction came in the hall room quickly. At a certain distance you barely get any the adds around. He then Teleports you. I immediately run forward when that happens north of the platform toward going to Murmur room. Tank Vorpil fast moving North. In all my shadow labs runs Vorpil is in every case dead at that time after going first quickly South then North. If for some reason he’s not then it be going back South if he did Teleport group to the platform again if he lived that long.

    On Murmur my trick of Tanking Murmur is to always stay in there and Tank him. Moving out from melee range just dont work for me, I always get slowed. So I make sure to have a healer that heals me close to fully before every Sonic Boom. Doing that has always worked for me on every Murmur visit. However it helps to have at least 10k health as the tank if doing that. With a good competent healer thats paying attention I found for me that has always worked and very few if anyone else take much damage.

  2. I don’t know your exact build, but I’m a dark pact/ruin ‘lock. On Vorpil, something I find that works well for 1-2 shotting an ‘oh shit that blueberry is awfully close to the boss!’ (usually after a teleport), is shadowburn and deathcoil. After that, it’s usually dead.

    I feel for you though, in regards to a bad PuG. I had a hideous one in Sethekk the other day. Slabs is especially horrible to get a bad PuG in, as it’s already a very long instance and it’s easy to see how it could become a slogfest.

    I’m glad you got the pattern for your pants.

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