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That sound

So, since the patch I’ve been hearing this in-game sound. I heard it a lot on the Isle of Quel’dorei even when I wasn’t in combat.

I associate the sound with “you have just thrown a shield at something”.

I don’t know what’s causing the noise and I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

I don’t know if it’s the default UI or one of my addons. In fact I can’t even identify an event that happens to trigger the sound. Very annoying.

[Edited to add:]
This just in.. it looks like the sound for PW:S was changed. It’s also possible that whenever PW:S is cast, everyone in the zone hears the new sound. I’ll confirm tonight.

4 thoughts on “That sound”

  • It’s probably Omen, they added some functionality to play a sound when you have high aggro. If you’re using Omen click the configure button in the bottom right of the Omen box. Go down to Modules, Single Target Mode, Warnings and turn off the “Enable Sounds” option.

  • Oh, that sound was annoying.. but that had an obvious source. I’d see my screen flash red an get this heart-stopping annoying noise. I found the toggle for that and changed it to “Aaaoooogah” right quick.

    Now the only problem is that the “Aaaoooogah” sound makes me laugh.. so I’m almost -trying- to get it to trigger. 🙂

    But no, that’s not -this- annoying sound. This sound.. it’s like the pally-thows-her-shield sound…. or like you would expect spells to sound like if they hit a wall. I don’t know what it is.. but last night in kara others admitted they’d been hearing it too. Dunno.

  • I’ve been hearing that, too. I think it’s the sound that the blood elf racial “arcane torrent” makes — you know, when you use up your charges of mana tap and AE silence? Anyway, it’s been happening to me, too, so you’re not alone!

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