Addon: Voice Commander

Ack.. “Bad Things”™ at work make blogging hard. Regardless, I wanted to make a note of the addon (?) application: Voice Commander

Adds the ability to control multiple toons (two-boxing) via voice commands. I bet you could also use it to control a single toon. Interesting implications.

See video:

2 thoughts on “Addon: Voice Commander

  1. woahhhhh

    I just HAVE to check that out

    You can imagine there I am spamming shadowbolt keeping dots up etc and I draw aggro. Rather than swap screens and spam a Holy Light I just have to say “HEAL 11” and off comes a Holy Light Rank 11.

    I am concerned that this might be against the TnC or EULA though as it sounds like a third party application. WIll definitely have to check it out when I get home though!!

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