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To Kat

Congrats on downing A’lar!

I hate Vox. Leaving comments is a serious PITA (and it cuts me off after the first paragraph). So this is it. You get your own special commentary blog post. ‘Cause I like you.. lots.

Still hate Vox with the white hot passion of nuclear sunspots on a thousand burning suns.

Just sayin’.

[Edited to add: Kat got herself a new blog host! Yeah for influence on the Intarwebs!! Go visit Kat at Almost Evil]

6 thoughts on “To Kat”

  • Yeah, vox can be a pain. Is why I switched to blogger, which turned out to have its own issues, but by that point I were too lazy to switch agains.

  • @Dammerung
    🙂 should be “Listen to the Woman” Is Femme here.

    I tried out livejournal, blogger,, blogspot.. decided all were too restrictive and so tried out MovableType and settled on WordPress (the free app) on my own domain.

    Happy freedom. And I can poke the code any way I want to.

  • Tell us how you REALLY feel, Nibuca. 🙂

    Actually, I’ve no problem commenting on Kat’s blog; I just don’t do it very often. But I did join Vox to do so…which I kinda didn’t like.

  • Thanks for the congrats!

    I know Vox is not my favorite either. I am admittedly too lazy and cheep to move. If someone gave me a step by step fool proof guide to this fool I may switch.

  • I joined also.. but that means everytime I leave a comment I have to remember a password for something I -never- use.. and then if I leave long comments (which I’m known to do) it cuts me off after the first paragraph.

    That’s oodles and oodles of wisdom just -lost-.

    So yes.. White hot burning hate of immeasurable size.

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