Q: When is a retadin like a fury warrior?

A: After Wrath of the Lich King.

Blue says (
Bornak wrote:
” We have mentioned in the past that we would like to improve Retribution Paladins in Wrath of the Lich King, we just don’t have a lot of specific details to release regarding this right now. We did say we plan on changing how their abilities work to share gear with warriors which will help make it easier for them to gear up though.”


Vaneras elaborated:
“What was said was that the developers plan to change how the abilities of Retribution Paladins will work, which will make it easier to gear up due to the possibilities of sharing gear with Warriors.”

Nibuca extrapolated.

Right now four types of plate drop.. There’s tanking plate (for prot warriors/paladins), healy plate (for the holy Paladin), plate with intelligence/mp5/+spell (“pally plate”) or plate with strength/AP/agility (“DPS warrior plate”). So.. if you rejiggered retadins to be able to use “DPS plate” You’d have to change the retribution tree so that either it’s less of a mana sucking pig.. or you’d have to get mana from some other source (AP => mana). Additionally, Retribution talents that currently scale with +spell hit/+spell would need to change to be melee based.

Care will need to be taken so as not to shaft the holy pallies in solo since we’re stacking +spell with our +healing.

It also implies that maybe Tatia should be rolling on those Kara drops when we don’t have a DPS warrior. You know.. just looking out for her future.