So does that make me social?

Dysfunctional FunI’m finding Groups of Words to be a very thought provoking blog (aside from the promises of hot engineer sex). In today’s post he categorizes endgame players as loot-driven, explorers, or social. He then explains “guild hopping” in an easy-to-follow way.

Toddle over there and give it a quick read, it’s worth it.

Ok, what struck me.. is that I, and most of my guild are stuck at the EndgameA position. West Kingdom has completed Kara and for the most part is fully Kara geared on our mains. We’ve also completed (with Shadow Warlords) Gruul’s Lair. At this point we should be moving on to EndgameB but we’re running into a couple of problems.

Problem 1: We don’t have enough warm bodies to independently run the next endgame. We can reliably field 14-16 well geared 70s. Unfortunately the next level requires a minimum of 25 warm bodies.

Problem 2: We have a relatively exclusive recruitment policy. You have to be a real life friend-of-a-friend in order to get a guild invite. We trust the people we know.. and believe that they will recruit other trust-able people. This means that we end up with a lot of people who join the guild and then level to 70. So most of our new recruits are either still levelling or just entering the EndgameA and aren’t ready for EndgameB.

We have a lot of existing guildies.. who are fully Kara geared who have two options for progression: stay with the guild and hope that it gets enough warm bodies to move into EndgameB or leave and find an EngameB guild. Oddly enough… we have had very few players leave for other guilds(where “very few” is defined as one who left pre-BC and is in the #3 raiding guild on the server). So I guess that means we’re a Casual Social Raiding Guild. Huh.. I hadn’t really pegged us as social.

Personally I’ve pegged myself as an explorer. I want to see new content.. and in order to do so I need gear. (See: Golden Ticket) But even knowing that I might be stuck in Kara for the rest of BC.. I’m not out looking to join another guild. I like my guildies too much. We’re like a family.. and you don’t abandon family (even if they are sometimes disfunctional and make you sputter in frustration).

Instead I’m leveling alts. Or helping others to level alts.. or going through Kara on all-alts..and having a suck-tastic time of it. But still.. it never occured to me to jump ship and change guilds.

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  1. So I followed your comment-link from my blog to yours, and read through most of it. Interestingly enough, most of your posts are almost word-for-word some of the discussions I’ve had with rl friends who play WoW (most significantly among them, my gf). A recurring problem of ours is this newest point of yours, that a social guild, or a guild putting their interactions above loot or progression, struggles to field enough people for endgameB content.

    It’s nearly impossible to have enough connections to significantly pull 30+ like minded friends who want to raid together and can do it well. 30+ because 25 people are not going to consistently arrive together and on-time night after night to down content. Those extra 5+ give you enough of a buffer zone to actually field the people necessary. I’ve been forced to come to the conclusion that in order to progress as a progression guild, you need to have a mindset akin to that of a progression guild….there are few social guilds that have actually managed this.

    Much to my regret.

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  2. Wow.. that’s some serious catch-22.

    Where we are: Can’t raid EndgameB because we lack warm bodies and won’t open recruitment for fear of guild-jumping asshats.

    If we could open recruitment.. but then we’d have a high level of asshats.. who would then jump to the next higher guild if we can’t progress into EndgameC.

    Asshats jumping guilds would then hinder our progress until we could recruit -even more asshats- to get past the hump.

    Wow.. that’s alot of asshats.

  3. If you have a balanced set of 10 mains who are “epixed out” with kara and have been picking up some of the new badge gear, there’s no reason you can’t start getting the first few bosses of ZA on farm.

    With mostly kara and badge gear the first 4 are fairly easily downable (especially as you gear up as you progress through them). Malacrass is a gigantic pain for healers, though.

    ZA is slightly ahead of gruul/magtheridon as far as difficulty goes, but unless you’re dead set on collecting T4, there are definite upgrades for pretty much every class/spec combo in ZA. Plus all the badges and timed chest drops are nice. Akil’zon *will* drop the amani punisher for my tankadin.

    I know it’s no SSC/TK, though.

    Perhaps solidifying your raiding partnership would help you get to SSC/TK (at least loot reaver and the loot below anyway). Fel reaver in particular is pretty easy to get on farm after a few practice runs – T5 shoulders for everyone!

    I understand the guild-hopping dilemna. We’re a social EndgameB/EndgameC guild. Our MT from 6 months ago is now tanking Sunwell Plateau with the leading guild on the server (no hard feelings, though – we were *not* progressing when he left.

    Now we seem to be the training spot for those transitioning from casual to hardcore raiding. We have the ability to teach people how not to be idiots, but their inner asshattery often appears in its stead and they jump ship.

    I worry for a few weeks down the road. A lot of the new joins are groups of friends, so they’ll probably leave in groups or in quick succession when they go.

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