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Guild First: Eagle Lord Akil’zon

Under the heading “Progression is good” several guild members decided to spearhead an effort to move forward. Specifically to move further into ZA. So monday was changed to “ZA night”. Last night we were able to down both Bear Lord Nalorakk (who we’ve killed before) and Eagle Lord Akil’zon. We also made several attempts on the Lynx lord (before having to call it a night).

We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Baldwyne (Protection Paladin), Weaver (Holy Priest), Validor (Holy Paladin), Khoss (Restoration Shaman), Odisia (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Spiralla (Caster Shaman), and Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock)

I was -not- expecting to be able to take Lilac into ZA. The guild posting for the run said “Gear requirements are simple. Be Kara geared. Not partially geared or mostly geared, we need people that are geared in Kara/badge equivalent or better.”. Lilac still wants 2-3 drops from Kara. In fact I’d logged on and was waiting by the summoning stone with Tatia when the raid leaders decided we had too many healers..and started considering their options.

We could have changed Khoss for Daegothh(mage) but we really wanted to keep Khoss for his fantastic raid healing.

We could have changed Validor for Nitemage (mage) but Nitemage’s gear just isn’t up to snuff.

We could have changed Weaver for Magicweaver (dest Warlock) except that Magicweaver had recently dropped tailoring.. but hadn’t noticed that it made her FSW set pretty useless.. so she was missing a few pieces of key gear.. and was only at 68 +spell hit.

So they asked me how Lilac was doing. Gleefully I reported that I had 199 spell hit and was averaging around 620 DPS. Also bringing +13% shadow/arcane damage and -5% melee damage. They decided that was the best option.. so WHEEE! Lilac went into ZA.

WWS is broken. I’m hopeful they’ll fix it soon (cause I have stuff I want parsed) but for now I can’t upload anything. *sigh*

I think I did fairly well. After the Bear Boss Lilac was sitting at 678 DPS but was #4 in total damage dealt. Everyone else was at 775-900+ dps.

We made several attempts on the Bird Boss. On the one where he finally went down I ended up getting killed on the very first storm. How it happened. We all spread out around the boss.. then when the storm comes we all collapse in on the tank. Well I collapsed on the tank.. everyone else seems to be collapsing on the boss.. I was -slightly- behind the tank but was just far enough out of range of the person who was the storm to get hit by a ton of lightning bolts and die. So I contributed very little (except for being able to call out the storms) on that boss.

**HINT: DMB and BigWigs don’t seem to have the timers for the Storm correct. They’re either a couple seconds early or late and everyone gets zapped. BUT you can hear the storm coming if you turn all the sounds down and then turn “Ambient Sounds” all the way up. About 2-3 seconds before the storm strikes you’ll hear the rain start. It’s a little bit quiet.. but if you’re paying attention (or dead) you can easily hear it.

We then made several attempts at the Lynx boss. I think we made it to second phase.. but we kept losing a tank. Eventually it got too late and some people had to log off.

By then we had 2/3 of the platforms visited for the quest. We decided to see if we could run straight through to the lynx boss to get the quest complete.

Turns out it’s totally doable 😉 So Lilac has finished that quest.

– I need to carry more flasks on Lilac. She used her only flask and didn’t have another towards the end of the run.
– I need to carry more stat food. Luckily she got a hex stick and was able to buy out a vendor.. but really I should have a stockpile if stat food so I don’t feel constrained about using it.
– I need to carry a stack of water. I’d sold off all my water when I decided to only use SSO biscuits.. but you can’t eat a biscuit (for the mana) and eat stat food at the same time.

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  • Congratulations.

    Be careful of collapsing on the boss (especially if you’re collapsing early) as he has some sort of cleave that hurts the squishies. Also if anyone is close to out-aggroing the tank, then he may switch targets.

    We’ve found a better tactic (for us, anyway) is to all collapse on one designated and marked person – preferably a healer. That way the healer can keep healing while everyone else is moving. The tank doesn’t move until the boss is channeling the storm – the tankcan be healed while he’s getting in position. If bigwigs messes up the timing, everyone run to the person who’s hovering in the air – tank too if the boss has started channeling.


    The lynx boss should be pretty easy with the above group too.

    Have Gogniu MT the lynx boss, Baldwyne stands “in” him to split the saber-lash damage laying down CC all the time so the spirit of the lynx aggroes on him when it spawns. (S)he may have to taunt it but usually the consecrate will pick it up. Judgement of wisdom on the boss helps to keep mana up when you’re consecrating between lynx spawns/saber lashes and taking no damage.

    kill the lightning totem as soon as it appears and you’re golden.


    Dragonhawk boss is a bit more difficult, but the prot paladin should be of great use again for aoe on the dragonhawk spawns. You may be a little low on aoe for the hatching, though – although magma totem and chain lightning from the shaman may help out.

    Kill one hatcher first time, but let the other spawn everything, tankadin aoe tanks, dps aoes them down quick.

    Reposition tankadin to the opposite side for the next hatching and aoe them down again. If there’s a problem repositioning in time – bad timing with time bombs, etc. then you can always kill the hatchers and wait until the 3rd hatching.

    Biggest problem is the stacking debuff for the tankadin – who has to be very careful of the fire bombs. With the debuff the tankadin will be oneshotted by the flame breath or the fire bombs. You can bubble out of the debuff, but if possible leave that until after all the dragonhawks are dead. Just have a macro to cancel divine shield hotkeyed if needed so the dragonhawks don’t jump the healers/aoe-ers.

    Have fun and put Hex Lord on notice!

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