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Month: June 2008

UA/Corr or Corr/UA

If you have both instant cast Corruption and Unstable Affliction, and you cast them together, which should you cast first? Here’s the visual. On top is Unstable Affliction followed by instant cast Corruption. The bottom pair shows instant cast Corruption followed by Unstable Affliction.

Death by Mulocs

After a very long day of leveling my baby Shaman (hit level 18) and a couple of very painful Karas (low DPS FTL) Joe, the guild leader of Shadow Warlords logged into our Vent and asked if we had any toons available for a run. […]

If Yoda did WoW…

So the conversation kinda went like this: Somebody unnamed Ratshag said: … tell him “do or do not – there is no try!” … I replied: there -is- try.. but it’s mostly made of fail And then TCM posted this. HAHAHAHA.

Happy Summer!

Last year this was full of “Meh”. I was in my mid 60s and wanted the Spirit of Summer.. but couldn’t get a group together to run the dungeons. This year it’s full of win.

For Leo

Muhahahaha Trained monkey.. or icecream and youtube?

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OMG! So pretty. Spotted this on Hexx’s Scribblings. It’s Wordle. MMM pretty!

Let’s just be friends

So.. in other news 😉 Lilac helped to down High Warlord Naj’entus. I’ve decided to completely skip that pesky T5 and go straight to T6 🙂 Ok.. not really. As mentioned in the previous post, Joe hopped onto our ventrilo and asked if we had […]

Alliances are like dates

My guild, West Kingdom is currently in two alliances. It’s kind of like dating two guys at once. “Shadow Warlords” (SW) This was our first “real” boyfriend. He’s kind of controlling.. and had some ideas about the way things should work.. but I don’t think […]

At a glance

Here’s what my raid frames (Grid) tells me at a glance (image is about 2x nomal size. click to see the full screenshot): That which grid does by default: – The boxes are colored by class. So at a glance I know there are 3 […]