Alliances are like dates

Love TriangleMy guild, West Kingdom is currently in two alliances. It’s kind of like dating two guys at once.

“Shadow Warlords” (SW)
This was our first “real” boyfriend. He’s kind of controlling.. and had some ideas about the way things should work.. but I don’t think he was really committed to us. I mean lately he’s been neglecting us. He’s more regimented.. and any girlfriend of his is expected to act a certain way. We chafe a little bit under his guidance.

We started out with Shadow Warlords. They approached us. They are slightly bigger than us.. but when we started they weren’t able to reliably field enough people to go into 25-man content. They were “in-charge” of all the 25-man runs and we ran on their schedule. We agreed to meet at a time and place and to field 12-13 people for that raid. With Shadow Warlords we did Gruul’s -alot- and once went into The Eye and made an attempt on VoidReaver (we didn’t down him). Then they scheduled a raid for a day when a lot of our folks weren’t available. At the time we didn’t have the Guild Calendar.. so we had no idea we didn’t have very many people available.. but it happened. The raid time came.. and went..and only very few of us were available. After that Shadow Warlords stopped setting up raids with us. They also posted recruiting messages on the Realm forum. Now they occasionally log into our vent and asked if we had 1-2 people available to fill out their raid. We’re no longer “dating” but we’re still social.

“Guardians of the Flame” (GotF)
They are actually a good friend of ours from way back. Our guild leaders (and some of the other old-time toons) ran Zul’Garub with some of the GotF founders. We’re still in the “learning about you” phase of the relationship.

A few weeks ago our Guild leader approached the “Guardians of the Flame” to see if they wanted to ally with us to see 25-man content. Guardians seems to be slightly bigger than us but not by much. Their membership seems to be more casual.. and alot more PVP oriented. So far we’re “in-charge” of the 25-mans. We agreed to meet at a time and place.. and to take as many people as they have available. So far that means they’ve contributed about half the raid. We’ve done SSC once (attempts on Lurker but no boss kills) and we’ve cleared Gruul’s Lair.

The “love triangle”
Like many dating relationships it’s inevitable that comparisons to our previous boyfriend will occur. GotF is much more casual/PVP oriented than we are .. or than SW. We see some rough edges on GotF.. but we’re hesitant to start knocking them off for fear that we’ll scare GotF away from us by being too demanding. We’re having to take it nice-and-slow. To hint.. and nudge and.. nag them into changing for the better.

This weekend, while we were running Kara with a couple of GotF members in our raid group.. Joe (the guild leader from SW) logged on to ask if anyone was interested in joining him on Mount Hyjal. I felt guilty.. as if I had been caught cheating. At the time I don’t think we had anyone available.. so we had to send Joe away empty handed.

Late last night Joe logged on again to ask if we had anyone available for an attempt at Black Temple. I felt guilty about it… but Lilac was available. So Lilac when into Black Temple with SW.

Lilac is -not- spec’d succy sac. Lilac is ~T4 geared. Every other warlock in the raid was destruction spec’d.. and seems to have picked up quite a bit of T5 gear. I was vastly out DPSd. Not to the point of being just a warm body.. but close. I have a feeling.. that unless we progress very quickly through T4/T5 content with GotF… SW isn’t going to be inviting very many of us to join them on these high end raids. They’ve moved on.

Trailing off this story…
I really want to have a snappy conclusion at this point. Unfortunately we’re in the middle of the story.. so I don’t know where it’s going. I’m sad that SW moved on without us.. the funny thing is this is almost the exact same thing that was done to them.. and they swore they wouldn’t do it to us. So much for that.

I’m hopeful of our relationship with GotF.. but already I see some strain points. Between the two of us we barely have enough healers. GotF seems to have even fewer healers than we do. That makes progression very difficult (especially when some of our healers (and by that I mean ME) have found other toons more interesting to play). Ah well.. I guess we’ll see how it all pans out.

3 thoughts on “Alliances are like dates

  1. I never enjoyed alliances myself. There’s too much of the he said/she said. But then again… knowing your strict recruitment policy, they would make sense for you guys. But it’s always nicer being the ones in charge. 🙂

  2. Oh my, where to begin. Well I can truthfully say in no way did we do to you what had been done to us. We were abandoned without even a thanks for your time, we dont need you anymore. In our case, I spoke to Fynriss directly, and he informed me that with the SCA events this time of the year he would no longer be able to provide your half of the raids on sats anymore. He offered annother day and time that wouldnt work for us… I had a guild meeting and we decided if we wanted to progress into TK we were gonna have to do it on our own. Our original plans included you in our progression.

    I am however very pleased that you found annother guild to do 25 man content with. I can honestly say that I adore WK members and I want them to have fun and succeed. I told Fynriss that anytime we had an opening availible that I would always come to you first and Ive held to that religiously. No relationship is ever perfect but with its flaws included I have always treasured it. In the past I have held WK close to my heart and will continue to do so even though our paths have taken us seperate ways. Im gonna continue to pop in your vent until Im told Im not welcome, and Im gonna continue to invite you into my raids every time I have an opening until Im asked not to. And Im gonna continue to visit your web page for tips from a Grrl Gamer until its no longer on the web.

    You may be dating annother guild, but I still keep your picture in my wallet.

  3. Ahh! I’m so glad you cleared that up. I chatted with fiancee and he sorta kinda said that he had a conversation with you.. and totally forgot to tell the rest of us. I may live with him.. but that doesn’t mean he tells me anything.

    I’m thrilled to get to come along on your raids. I love being able to see the fights and get a feel for them before we actually get to them. I think it will make it a lot easier assuming we get there.

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