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For the first time -ever- West Kingdom (my guild) is recruiting. After a lot of soul searching, a little bit of grousing and a swift boot to the rear we’ve decided that we want to see end-game 25-person content. To that end we are recruiting and planning trial runs.

Alliance US-PVE West Kingdom

Short summary:
We are moving into T5 content and need a few good souls to fill out our ranks. We have completed Gruul’s Lair and are starting on Tempest Keep and SSC.

We raid M-Th 7pm-11pm PST (that’s 9PM-1AM Server).

West Kingdom of Khaz Modan is looking for a few raiding members to fill out our raid composition in T5 content.

About us: We are a mature casual dedicated raiding guild. We’ve completed Karazhan and are 3/6 in Zul’Aman. In guild alliances we have completed Gruuls and Mags. We’re working on SSC, TK, MH and have helped downed the first boss in BT. Our raid times are Mon-Thurs 7pm-11pm PST

We use the KISS system for loot distribution. Purples are rolled for first by main-spec then by off-spec. The details can be explained when you speak to us. There have been some variations to this in the interest of fairness.

Our guild does not make the guild leaders rich. All items accumulated in raiding that are not wanted are sent to the guild vault. These are used for enchanting mats for the guild memebers or to pay for guild-related perks (additional vault tabs, JC patterns)

About The Server: Khaz Modan went live in January 2006. It has a faction ration of rought 1.7:1 (alliance:horde). West Kingdom maintains currently a guild alliance with “Shadow Warlords” and “Guardians of the Flame”.

If interested please apply at our website or contact one of our officers in game. You may also email me at

Guild Website/Forums:

Lilac – Recruitment Gal (you CAN contact me during raid times)
Fynriss – Guild Master
Weaver – Officer
Sibiy – Officer
Talyanna – Officer

8 thoughts on “We want you!

  1. I know.. we’re kind of “ulp” about it.. but we’re hopeful. Working with our guild alliances we’ve found that there are non-SCA players who are good to play with.. so we’re hoping to get that caliber of people into our guild.

    Everyone seems very excited for the opportunity!

  2. Just started reading your blog. I must say, I enjoy it alot! I hope your reqruiting goes well so you will have wonderful tales to share with us as you adventure through the end game content with your own guild.


  3. Good luck to you guys. Recruiting is a B!tch as the best of times. As an officer i wish you patience, understanding, and the forethought to recognize people that shouldn’t be in your guild before they do any dmg to it.

    Haven’t posted on your site before, but have enjoyed it for quite a while.

    GL again. Happy Raiding.


  4. First time recruitment is extremely painful. It gets better as you get bigger and word gets around about your guild.

    My major piece of advice is to avoid people with more than 2-3 pieces of PvP gear.

    2 pieces is ok to flesh out those hard to fill slots or where the PvP alternative is superior or just much easier to get.

    However, PvP players have a totally different mindset to PvE players. They normally only have two buttons, one marked “moar DPS” and one which does a short-term snare/cc.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but PvP players wipe raids. There are a small few that can PvE as well as PvP, but in general it’s best to avoid them.

  5. @Auzara
    I learned from the best 🙂 No use in reading all these dang blogs if I can’t also use information gleaned from them.

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