5 thoughts on “Coming to a podcast near you

  1. Haha

    Duly noted.

    And again, to you and anyone who reads this comment, this will not be the first or last time I will royally screw up a blogger’s name or website.

    Very sorry from now to the end of time.



  2. Hahaha, I don’t know about all this dictionary sound letters and I’m at work so can’t listen to the audio, but I always imagined it to be like…

    Shick – like chick but with a Shhhh at the start
    ane – as in lane
    ery – as in berry

    Is that about right?

    Anyway, grats on the mention on the awesome podcast. I really must log onto the netherwiki and put their icon on my blog, but can’t get there from work atm 🙁

    HolyWarriors last blog post..New Shiny Armour

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