OMG Patch Relief

[editing this to make it new for today’s patch, I have this problem almost every time.. and this fixes it.. so setting it as today’s date just in case anyone else is having this problem.]
So, every time there’s a patch I have to log in 10-20 times before my computer “figures it out”. For the first 10-20 times I log in and either I’m naked.. or everyone around me is naked.. and they’re all named “Unknown” and half my icons are “?”s.

So in desperation I logged onto the Tech support part of the World of Warcraft forums and found this gem:

Thunderwulf on Bonechewer wrote:

Go to My Computer
Right click and choose properties
Hardware tab
Device manager
Network adapter
There may or may not be a plus sign, if so click it.
Right click the adapter and choose properties choose the advanced tab
If you have a Checksum Offload Option,Hardware Checksumming etc,disable it. You may lose your Internet for several minutes. If it does not come back try rebooting. Check under speed or media and make sure your Duplex settings are set to Full 100

Retry the game

It worked. I’m thrilled!