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Look! I make it betterSo, for a lot of boss fights I, Lilac the affliction warlock, end up standing relatively close to the tanks (to make sure they get the imp buff). As a conscientious warlock I strive to be “just a little hurt” so that my mana pool stays up and the incoming health from my Siphon Life isn’t wasted. This means that I’m usually close enough to the tanks that the frisbee that the priests send at the tanks bounces to me.

UNFORTUNATELY, lifetap doesn’t pass the frisbee on. I feel really bad sucking up all the frisbees and not passing them on.

So last night, after our ZA run I asked a couple of our priests to help me test something.

Standing in the middle of Shat I had them throw frisbees at me.

– Falling damage does not pass on the frisbee
– Lifetap does not pass on the frisbee
– Hellfire -does- pass on the frisbee (but it needs to poof ~twice for it to work)
– Hellfire Rank 1 also passes on the frisbee.. but only hits you for ~200 health (instead of 800 health from a full rank Hellfire)
– At my gear levels Prayer of Mending is healing me for ~2198. It’s healing the tank for ~1820. So it may be worthwhile to pass it on.

So.. I’m thinking of setting up another aura that only shows up when I have a Prayer of Mending on me 🙂 Just a little reminder that if I threw a tiny Hellfire I could be like throwing a Flash heal on the tanks 🙂 It’s like emo healing.

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  1. our lock usually put the imp ub by the tank then tell it to stay. then they are free to move wherever they want. not being close to teh tank also helps the threat needed for you to pull off of that tank. in either 10 or 15 yards from the boss it takes 110%, at a further distance it takes 130%. Just park him and move on, then you wont even take the pom.

    Calandris – Holy Priest.

  2. Oh, I’m definately not that close. I’m still beyond the 130% line. But close enough to give the buff. There are certain fights where I place my imp and then back off.. (Prince, Moroes) but in this case we were actually doing Bear boss in ZA and made a semi-circle around the boss.

    I -like- getting the frisbee.. it’s a nice heal.. I just felt bad that it was getting stuck with me. At least this way I know how to pass it on.

  3. When I’m healing on my priest, I’ll try to stand between the tank and the ranged dps in hopes of ping-ponging the frisbee between myself and the tank. When its on me, I’ll just target=targettarget cast PW:Death and send it back to the tank. Gives me a chance to contibute dps and nets me 3 heals + threat on the tank for the price of one spell.

    That’s good to know, though, for my lock. I wondered how I could manage to “pass it on” quickly.

    On a side note, thanks for talking about Power Auras … I’m loving it. 😀

  4. As far as I know, the amount Prayer of Mending heals for is based on the healer’s +healing score, not anything to do with the target’s gear level. Maybe the tank only needed 100 healing a few times it bounced?

  5. Ahh sorry I implied it but didn’t mention it directly. Since Lilac always has her Fel Armor up she gets a 20% bonus to healing effects(Wowwiki: ). So prayers hit her for more than they hit the tank. 🙂

    1820 + (20% of 1820) = 2184 (which is really close to 2198 (the number I got from WWS))

  6. Thanks for the info! I, too, feel guilty seeing that buff stay on me until it wears off. I have tried to Hellfire, but I cancel it after one tick, so I might make a macro to cast Rank 1 HF for situations such as these.

  7. Wow, what a great little tip 🙂 I’ve got some Warlock friends who will thank you for it 🙂

    I’ve only started healing recently and am learning how and when POM is most effective. I like it the most when I’m in the battlegrounds as it bounces around the most there, but I haven’t been in many raids to see how it goes there.

    Thanks for the info!

    WoWGrrl’s player blog

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