So proud I could just split

With the new world order (ie West Kingdom recruiting) we decided we needed more.. administration 🙂 We named a Grand Council for helping to make/iron out the rules and Class Leads so that people know who to talk to for help with their toon.

I got invited to the Grand Council and asked to be the Warlock class lead. I’m tickled on both counts.

Then we started recruiting. We’ve gotten 4 new players so far. One of them is even a warlock.

Last week we took him into Kara with us. For that night overall he averaged 425 DPS.
Last night we took him back into Kara. For that he averaged 747 DPS.
That’s almost 100% improvement. I’m tickled pink.

I believe the only thing we changed was to advise him to sacrifice his Succubus, keep fel armor up.. and to use a Shadow Bolt rotation. We helped him to upgrade to Spellfire hood and pants and we also helped him (through the use of to re-evalutate his gems and enchants.

2 thoughts on “So proud I could just split

  1. It’s fun to make a difference. Sounds like everything is going in the right direction. Create all or as few of rules as you want… just do your best to stick with them so that everybody feels it’s fair.

    Wow… look at that. Me giving advice when it wasn’t even asked for. My apologies. Again though… keep up the awesome work.

  2. That site is awesome, it really gives players solid things to aim for and other people to look up as well.

    I’m glad your new Warlock has shown great improvements! They really rock in raids once they get going 🙂

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