Twisted Nether: It’s all about ME

Lilac in the Twisting NetherI had the great pleasure to do an interview with Bre and Fimlys of the Twisted Nether Blogcast.

– We never really talked about Lilac..or warlocks (that makes me giggle). We were having so much fun it just sort of got missed.
– I sound nasal. It’s just a fact of life. Get over it. (that’s mostly for me.. I know I sound nasal and I hate it.. but it’s how I sound).
– I think I’ve live in California too long. I think every other word was “Totally”. Hrm.
– I had -so- much fun. I will happily do it again.
– After the interview fiancee said that we sounded like we had so much fun he was jealous.. and wished he had a blog.

3 thoughts on “Twisted Nether: It’s all about ME

  1. Nib:

    First you didn’t sound nasal.

    Second, it was a blast and you were a great guest.

    Third, tell your fiancee to hurry up and make a blog.

    Fouth, next time I swear I will put down notice to talk about Lilac more and how she enjoys enslaving 😛

    And fifth…BubbleHearth…Sorry just had too!

    Thanks again for coming on the show, you were awesome and we all had a fantastic time 😀

  2. “hecka” is more a Sacramento thing.. or a thing from people who were raised in California.. but not allowed to say “hella” by their parents.

    I was raised in Montana. I say “HELL of a” 🙂

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