3.0.x: I got spirit, yes I do…

Baby got backSo I heard a while ago that they were modifiying Warlocks so that we would use spirit since it was going to be on the gear we picked up (and shared with every other clothie-caster).

I heard “Lifetap will now scale with spirit instead of Spellpower”. I wasn’t too worried. I did wonder if I would now need to stack spirit in addition to my other stats. But still.. things change.

I did think that when they said “scales with sprit” it would be something like Tap for XXX life and get XXX mana + YYY additional mana based on your spirit. I thought that sounded yummy. I was wrong.

I tested this in the beta.

I have 145 spirit. I hit lifetap. I then have 7013/8160 life (lost 1147 health) and the combat log shows that I gained 1147 mana.

I pull out my Felhound. His buff gives me an additional 68 spirit and some int (I didn’t note the value and can’t turn it up in searches).

So with 213 spirit. I hit lifetap. I then have 6803/8160 life (lost 1357 health) and the combat log shows that I gained 1357 mana.

The calculation seems to be 710 + (3 * SPI). Though the numbers are off by a little bit.. so the calculation could be flawed.

Maybe I just expected more.. but that feels like a letdown. I suppose if I stacked enough spirit that I could tap only once instead of twice.. that would save me a global cooldown.. and allow me to dps for that 1.5 additional seconds.. but really.. based on this, stacking spirit just doesn’t seem a big win to me.

Now one other benefit I see is that Fel Armor now allows you to regenerate 30% of your mana even while in combat (and within the 5 second rule).. and the regeneration rate is based off of your spirit. And 1/3 of your Spirit comes back to you as Spellpower. I guess it is what it is.

I’m not sure that I’ll be stacking spirit.. but now at least it has -some- value.

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  1. I can see her rib cage!


    The numbers will look better once you start collecting the new gear. PvE gear, anyways. Taking even a cursory glance at the gear available at 80 from crafting and 10 man Naxx, I’d expect you would have anywhere from 600-800 spirit, at the very least, unbuffed.

    I’m still pissed that you warlocks get that spirit -> spellpower thing. Why can’t mages? /cry

    Euripedess last blog post..Rage of the Nerds

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