The freedom of flight

GriffonMy first toon was 70 more than a year ago. About a week after she turned 70 I finally had enough money and I bought a flying mount. I’ve been happily winging around Outlands ever since. The same thing happened with my second 70. Immediately after turning 70 she bought a flying mount and has been flitting about on it for most of a year. A few months ago I even upgraded one of those toons to use “EPIC flying skill”.

Blizz has always said that you won’t be able to use your flying mounts in Northrend until later levels. Having played an 80 on the BETA I completely agree with this decision. With a flying mount it’s too easy to circumvent the content.

At Blizzcon ’08(or slightly before that) they announced that “Cold weather flying” would be purchase for 1000g from the Dalaran Flight Master at level 77. I didn’t really think anything of it..until now.

I have a friend.. who dinged 70 last night (Congrats Ms. Vigdis). This is her first 70. Almost immediatly after the ding she went off and spent the 1,000g for flight skill. But I can’t help but wonder if she shouldn’t have held off. Wrath is 2 weeks away.

From a new player’s point of view post-Wrath release:
– Play until 30, get your first land mount (/cheer)
– Use slow land mount until 60 (or 61), get your epic land mount (/cheer)
– Use fast land mount until 70 (or 71), get your first flying mount (/cheer)( um wait)
– Go to Northrend. Can’t use flying mount.. most especially can’t use epic flying mount. Stuck on the ground until 77. Pay yet ANOTHER 1,000g for Cold flying skill. (um.. /cheer)

That’s just weird. It’s disjointed and doesn’t really make sense.

Chances are pretty good that players will actually run off to Northrend at level ~68. So will they really run back to Outlands at 70 to pay 1k gold for a mount they can’t use until 77? and even then, they have to cough up another 1k gold in order to be able to use it in Northrend. So 2-7k gold just to be able to fly.. eventually.

And what ware they going to do in the next expansion? “Flying mounts just don’t seem to work in the Emerald Dream.. until you get to 87.. and can buy an ‘Emerald Dream Mount conversion kit'”. Uh-huh.. right.

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  1. Exactly the reason my 2 toons that do not have epic flying are going to have to wait awhile. And yet another reason to keep saving up gold….

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  2. I think you’re always going to have some “disjointed” parts of the game after expansions. For The Burning Crusade expansion, it was the gear. (Why stay in Azeroth once you hit 58 since the Outlands gear is sooo much better?) For Wrath of the Lich King, it is the mount. On the other hand though, people might stay in Outlands through 71 just to be able to do some quests faster using their flying mount. The gear in Northrend isn’t all that much better, but then again… I think the xp might be.

    Then again… thinking about the money alone. I’m guessing that amassing another 1000g by the time you hit level 77 won’t be an issue at all. And if it is, you’ve got plenty of dailies as you level that will help you get the money quickly.

  3. I agree it’s disjointed and I agree that it’s just the nature of the beast.

    I think to really make something feel as cool as flying was though, blizz will have to think outside the box. I mean, “cold weather flying” even sounds a bit hokey. Why not just call it “pay more gold and don’t skip content”?

    Are there other unique forms of travel besides riding and flying that could work in a WoW setting? What if a significant portion of the next expansion is under water and we get submarines (or some sort of water form like druids or something)? Or something cool I’ve never even heard of before. There have to be good ideas out there.

    The problem here is, who doesn’t love to fly? I mean even outside of WoW, who didn’t wanna be like superman and just… zip… away. Its tough to top flying. Obviously I’m not talking about the commercial kind here… 🙂

  4. I have a new 70 that I just bought regular flying on and a 68 that will be 70 soon, and I fully plan on getting at least regular flying for her as well.

    The reason is that both of them have gathering skills, and I still need to level their manufacturing professions. And I’ve already been able to cut down my mining time by at least half due to not having to fight my way to the nodes.

    Another factor in my decision is that money isn’t really an issue because my other three 70’s have pretty much everything they need. I’d probably still go this route if this were my first 70 just because…it’s flying!! How cool is that??


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