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No big topic today.. lots of little random. (Random blogger is Random)

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it.. but this is -my- blog. I read alot of stuff every day. Sometimes there something interesting in a blog/article/blue post.. but it’s not enough to make a full blog post about. My plan is to add a new little section to the bottom of a blog entry so I can jot down these interesting tidbits. It’s all random.. it’s not always going to be Wow-centric.. it may branch off into the Meta. I repeat.. it’s my blog. If it bugs you. Stop reading.

Guild news:

In a -very- short order we’ve gone from a “strong T4 guild” to a “strong T6 guild”. My head’s spinnign a bit. Here’s our “guild first pics” from the last two weeks. Seriously.. two weeks.

Pics for Downs:

Dead Leodead_solarian.jpgdead_winterchill.jpg



  • Cel from Bunnies from Hell posted a -great- picture of a zombie on a gryphon. During the invasion I didn’t get a chance to.. but I did wonder what would happen if you turned into a zombie while riding a gryphon. Guild consensus was that if you did.. you’d have to eat the bird.
  • Updated guild forums with listing of new guild ranks that will take effect on Monday. Theme: Medievel.. and simple is better. (GM, Banker, Grand Council, Nobles, Captains, Freemen, Populace, Suspended)
  • Sungrass from the server Barthilas made a really good post on the official forums stating that Healer Boredom is actually a UI issue. I would love to be able to heal based on name plates. Hopefully the blues will take this suggestion to heart. (Blue tagged:
  • Oh ho.

    Whiny PVP lock guy wrote:
    -Complex PvE rotation is impossible to accomplish in PvP; you have to do far more work than before to do the same relative DPS as in BC – the spec is more reliant on spells with cast times.

    Ghostcrawler responded:
    We think the complex rotation is very hard to pull off in PvE too and seems to almost mandate a mod, which is a problem. We have some long-term plans to change Affliction around a little bit.

    This makes me.. happy, scared, amused.. hesitate to examine my drums harder. I wonder how “long-term” is “long-term”. Are we talking 3.2 or 4.0?

  • Hydra and Ratshag. Two of my favorite bloggers. How can I resist? Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Ruminations of Random

  1. Grats on all the downs! The raid nerfs are awesome for finishing up content that my guild had been slow to progress on before Wrath comes and no one wants to sign up for anything till they hit 80. 😀

    Though IMHO its hard to feel bored as a healer on fights like Kael’thas. Healer boredom should be solved by cool bosses and not mucking with Healing. (Healing off name plates would be cool though!) I would worry things would end up worse than before if they really started retooling!

    gts last blog post..I think you’re doing it wrong…

  2. No, you’d have to INFECT the bird — you know they just recycle those at flight points. So the next guy riding it is all ‘whew, good thing I got out of town alive with all of those zombies… gaaHHHHH!!!!!’ and then the gryphon eats your brains and spreads the infection to the next town.

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