Impish by nature

Month: November 2008

Achievements online

OOO the achivements are insidious. Now, not only do you have them in game.. but they’re reflected in the Armory But take everything with a grain of salt. For example here’s one of my achievemnts: ORLY? Lilac… the warlock.. has pickpocketed 82 times? You’re right.. […]

Tale of Tatia

Tatia is my level 70 Draenei Paladin. She started life as Protection. I found that tanking was more stressful (particularlly because I wasn’t doing well at it) so I switched her to healing. At the time Retribution was still a joke. Tatia was my sole […]

I’m thankful for Wow

We’re not going to family’s house for T-day.. the last few years we’ve invited friends over and had a veritable feast. Every year we make way too much food. This year we decided to do a “just us” Thanksgiving. Original plan: eat cereal, play Wow… […]

A question of light

Mulling this over.. I think I like/dislike zones based in part on the quality of their light. Howling Fjord: 90% love it. Bright summer day.. love it. The burning part in the middle.. loved it less. Dragon Blight: 90% hate it. Ever overcast winter day. […]


I think West Kingdom is facing a healing shortage. I’m not panicked about it.. I’m sure we’ll get through it.. but I’m concerned. Times are tough all over. Our main Holy Priest pulled her main out of the guild to go raid with more hardcore […]

Affliction scribbles: Minor rotation note

Very quick note.. I’m currently spec’d hybrid Siphon Life/Felguard.. but I miss my true affliction roots. I stumbled upon a little tidbit. Things of note.. only lasts 12 seconds.. so you can’t use haunt to easily get two stack. If you’re 5/5 then a two […]

“ZOMG! Players are OP, nerf players”

I’m starting to not like this. Well ok… leveling has been ok but not exactly challenging. I’ve been distracted the last few days and haven’t really done much in the way of leveling.. but really I want to talk about instances. So far I’ve done […]

Daily Grind

Do your dailies! But I’m leveling That’s no excuse!! Do your dailies! Yesterday, while I was 72 I did 4 dailies, they each gave me ~10g and 20k xp. Yes. 20k. This morning at level 73 I did the Isle dailies. The quests from the […]

Warlock pre-Naxx Gear

I have made my first cut of a pre-Naxx gear set. Oddly, it doesn’t look too hard to acquire. Most of my pieces are pretty good already. I just need to fiddle a few pieces into place.