“Ya, but what do we get?”

Frost WyrmLast night, as the Grand Council meeting was wrapping up (we were finalizing our Wrath plans and talking about updating to the newest Group Calender) I asked if anyone had been to Orgrimmar to see the current World Event. Most of the GC were unaware that a new world event had started. I launched into a short explanation of what was going on in Org.. the lore.. and possible implications (all boring stuff that in retrospect they may not have cared about). Finally, one of the GC members asked “Ya, but what do we get?” and in that short sentence she captured the feeling from most of the WoW population.

So far the mobs drop no loot, there’s no quest to kill them, there’s no tabard for defending Org or the harbor and at this point.. players just can’t be bothered. “Oh, they attacked our harbor.. yeah(slightly bored now).. back to emptying my bank so I can get on the boat on Thursday.”

Right there.. That is the crux of the problem. It’s a bigger problem than just Wrath. Experiencing the lore, seeing the beautiful landscapes, doing non-standard quests are all secondary to “what’s in it for me?”. If you remove the story and the images then almost all quests are reduced to FedEx quests or “Kill 10 rats”. Add to that, the quests that -aren’t- reduced to that are annoying because you actually have to go back and read the quest text in order to figure out what you have to do.

To Blizz and the larger part of the player base, leveling 1-70 isn’t “fun”, it isn’t a chance to see beautiful things and follow along with entrancing lore and quest lines.. instead it’s a boring grind-fest that stands between you and your goal. The end game. So they get to the end game.. and then they whine that there’s so little of it.. and that they’re -bored- doing the same thing over and over again. WELL DUH!

My advise to myself, to you and to anyone else who reads this: slow down, look around, read the quest text. It’s only new once. I’m not saying you have to lolly-gag your way to 80.. but there’s more to the game than just the endgame. Blizzard spent more time developing EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME and very little time on the endgame. Get your money’s worth! The lore is -amazing- and it’s way more fun when you’re “in” on the stories. Look at things. There are beautiful graphics in the game. Find something beautiful, surprising, horrifying, amusing EVERYDAY. Otherwise you might as well be playing a MUD(text based Multi User Dungeon).

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  1. Good point, the reason I am so excited about Wrath is the new content and new areas to explore. I plan on taking my time to go through it the first time.

  2. I have always been a bit of a lore-nerd myself. I played all the old Warcrafts, so I particularly enjoyed the Caverns of Time. Nevermind that I was horribly overgeared in my T4 items when I did it all for the first time. It certainly makes the game more enjoyable when you pay attention to the stories.

    This is also the reason I have alts. I love my main and like playing it. I like raiding with it. Sometimes people are eager to get you to their level so your guild can fill out groups, etc. Thus, my first levelling experience was/will be quick. However, its nice to roll a couple alts and take the time to go back through stuff at your own speed. It never matters on these characters if you make it to the level cap, cuz you’re not gonna raid with them anyways.

    I would suggest each person have at least one of those too. Like you said, why miss out on the biggest part of the game?

  3. Being a fan of the Forsaken lore and being a player on an RP server, I can’t wait to hit Northrend and see where the lore takes us. I agree that most people are more concerned about the rewards than actually experiencing new things. I don’t remember this being an issue with console RPGS. I never played a console RPG just to beat it as fast as possible.. I read EVERYTHING and talked to every NPC just to get the most out of the story. I try to do the same in WoW, granted it’s about 20x the size as a console RPG.

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  4. OMG!!

    Sylvie you are indeed a kindred spirit!

    I’ll be honest, the main reason I play this game is for the lore. I go on raids to experience lore, not get loot. The loot only helps me get to see more lore.

    When the zombie invasion came around there were so many people complaining about not being able to tend to their business because of the “idiots” that attack them. I loved it because it was a truly powerful immersion into the lore of the game. I can say that I was there when the plague spread.

    I have to admit that I am a bit of a roleplayer as well. But, that is another story.


  5. I like all aspects of the game. From the PvP to the lore to end game raiding I love it all. I’m an altaholoic because I love all the classes in the game and love exploring new abilities and locations.

    I truely loved the Zombie invasion it was the most dynamic event I’ve ever seen in a world where everything is so static. Npcs are allways in the same place flight masters are waiting patiently, bankers open 24/7. But for that limited amount of time everything changed. It was chaos and it was awesome. It makes me sad that people couldn’t take this unique experience for what it is, unique.

  6. I agree with you completely. I LOVE running newbie zones WAAAAY more than running heroic instances. I just like seeing new things in the game. The old world is rich and fun, even on the 20th time through. Gear as a goal has no point because everything will eventually be discarded. . .

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  7. I was lucky in 2 respects for the SW invasion. First, our guild meeting for the month was right before it, and we always hold it in the park just outside SW library. Second, it was on Sentinels, a (very light) RP server. We had, no joke, hundreds of people show up. The game stopped rendering all of the players. We all lined up on our class/racial appropriate mounts waiting for the attack. I was in the second line of paladins, with about 20-30 in each line. The mechanostrider gnome brigade was just in front of us. Even through all the lag, the event was fantastic.

  8. As a solid Bartle Explorer, I’ve got to offer a hearty “amen” to the idea of taking a good look around. I often spend more time taking screenshots than grinding.

    The trouble is, WoW is designed around the endgame. That’s what makes the subscription business model tick; the near-addictive endless obsession over fractionally better loot, the level Ding, the pretty purple pixels and glowing green text.

    I have severely constrained time to play any game, and if I’m going to pay a monthly fee to play a game, I’m going to squeeze as much Achievement as I can out of it during my precious few hours or else I’m wasting my money. When I want to explore (and I do, more than anything), I don’t want a subscription clock ticking over my head. That ruins the experience, because I know that if WoW used a Guild Wars business model, I’d spend a TON of time in the game. If the Model Viewer had a landscape world camera (so I could just look around in the world), I’d spend more time there than in-game. If a private server wasn’t illegal, I’d probably go there, make an insta-70, and just wander around soaking up the lore.

    I’d love to explore every nook and cranny of WoW… I just can’t afford to.

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  9. Live and/or scripted lore events. Every good MMO should have them. I’ve played Everquest, and SWG outside of WoW and for a while EQ was big on having LIVE events. SWG couldn’t handle the game lag their event generated. GMs playing normally static characters, super phat (or not so phat) loots only available during that event and LORE. There was never a question as to WHY you did what you were doing while you participated in the event or what you would get out of it.

    I like WoW’s holidays, but they do not hold a candle to a live event. For the first time since I started playing WoW, I felt like I was actually immersed in the lore with this scourge invasion. Makes me wish I was around during the opening of AQ. I’d like to see more stuff like that. The endgame is like a second job with the dailies. Log in, grind dailies, collect loot. Even if you have a goal in mind (epic flyer, mammoth caravan) it ceases to be fun the first couple times you do them.

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