Asshattery, Beaurocracy and Cheesedickery: The ABCs of Guilds

ABCsWe started off simply. In the beginning the only guild rule was “No Drama”. It was simple. Anything that happened in the guild.. you could look at it and say “does this cause drama?” If the answer was yes.. the don’t do it.

Then we grew. We got more people into the guild. We decided that we should lay down some guidelines.. rules to follow. Thus the guild became more complex. Now we had rules.. if something happened that wasn’t covered by the rules.. or if something happened that someone didn’t like, then we had to re-examine the rules and modify them to be most fair. We had whiners.. tattle-tailers and rule mongers. People followed the letter of the rules but not the spirit. Everything that was said was carved out of context and take as some kind of censure or criticism. More time was spent smoothing ruffled feathers and explaining what was actually meant then saying what we mean. The game and “fun” became secondary to enforcing rules of “fairness”.

This all came to a head. The guild leadership has declared “Enough!”

We play a game. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be work. I’m tired of dreading playing the game because of the angst and drama that I’m going to cause or help dispell. We’ve declared that we’re going back to having fun.

In the short term this will cause drama. In the long term I’m not sure how scalable this is… but what we’re doing before now wasn’t working. So we change. We’ll see what comes of it.

3 thoughts on “Asshattery, Beaurocracy and Cheesedickery: The ABCs of Guilds

  1. The best guild I have ever been in, and the most fun I’ve ever had is with people that I know IRL. Sure we can never put together a 25 man run unless we pug with another guild, but with the advent of having all raids using 10 and 25 man format, that just doesn’t bother me anymore, because now I can see endgame without jumping in with strangers.

    I’ve been on both sides, and even with the epic proportion of being in a 40 man raid capable guild cannot, it can not compare to the fun of running smaller content with 9 of my close friends. There is never any drama, and there is never any cheese-dickery, because there is no internet (And thus no anonymity) for these guys to hide behind. They have real life accountability for their actions.

    I don’t know if this is possible for you… but I hope that you can eventually do whatever it takes for you to have fun in this game… because it’s too awesome to have some helmet wearing window licker ruin it for you…

    Cause I, too, hate HATE HATE guild drama in a game that I bear nothing but love for.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me.. I have a guild LAN at my house to go run to celebrate Wrath…

    Hope it all works out!


  2. Hope it works out for you!

    Unfortunately, and quite contrary to popular belief, running a guild is still work. That’s what sucks!

    Granted some guilds are easier to run than others. “Casual” guilds are often easier, but even those can blow up due to drama.

    Good luck!

    kyrileans last blog post..Hacked!!!

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