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Month: December 2008

The Craft of War: BLIND

I normally wouldn’t repost a video link.. but this one was -so- good. I really recommend you check it out. Totally cool fight scene.

Why am I a tailor again?

Frozen Shadow Weave. Yup, that’s why Lilac’s a tailor. So now we’re in Wrath and I’m looking at the goodies: – Spellthread – Embroideries – Flying Carpet The rest of everything is BoE. So it looks good on the surface.. but not so much when […]

Heroic Ahn’kahet sucks balls

We only got 2/4 bosses down in Heroic Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom. Hints on Boss #1: kill the big spiders or else everyone becomes immune. Hints for Boss #2: the blood sucking is shadow damage. So Priests should do their shadow protection. Warlocks, when he […]

Because gnomes in santa suits are funny..

Saturday I joined the “PVP-go-’round”** and helped to down a couple of Horde city leaders. I’ve already gotten my Black War Bear.. but I still needed to kill 5 hordies in Silvermoon to complete an achievment. Also we had a couple of guildies who were […]

Nostromo N52 Revisit

[Edited to add: an update to this has been posted here: “Button Button who’s got the Button“] I’ve had my Nostromo N52 for almost two years. It’s been a long time since I posted about it(original post).. so I figured it was time for an […]


I’m bopping around Dalaran comparing gears and trying to work out my “Boss” gear vs my “Trash/Heroic” gear and I see in trade : /Trade {known trade troll} LFM for attempt on Heroic Wintergrasp raid. I think to myself: Self, you know that you should […]

Things I can get behind

Sometimes random things are dumb.. and no one would want to do them… othertimes I wish I had a direct line to an ear at blizzard. Things I can get behind: A daily quest that messes up your hair. Everyday.. for money.. you do this […]

Orly.. Westfall!

So we’re running Nexus (Red Holiday Hats all around) and I died. I don’t remember how exactly.. probably.. you know.. poke things really hard in the eye so they ate my face. So anyway, I’m running back and the priest throws me a rez (horray […]


Ratshag, one of my favorite bloggers, tagged me to recall my first commenter. This meme happens to be quasi-wow related so I’ll go ahead and do it on this blog (I do try to keep the non-wow chatter to a minimum). The first comment left […]

Molten Core vs ISB (the “feels” arguement)

This is the “feels” arguement. There will be no math involved in this comparison. Check out EJ. I’m sure they have math. *curse* *stomp* *rant* EJ says: OH my (note the snooty little voice here) if your crit percent is low(ie 10% or less) you […]