Ding 80

I actually didn’t expect this to happen last night. We went to the Fed Ex place and picked up our new phones (BlackBerry Storm)(Sweet sweet techno-gasm). Then we went to the Verizon store to have all of our old phone info transferred to our new phones(… along with EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WHOLE DAMN BAY AREA). Then we went out for dinner (Chicken Cataloni). -Then- we went home and played for a little while.

I was at ~110/140 quests in IceCrown so I started rifling through the quest list on wowhead to find which I missed. Turns out there’s a couple of nice cool quests that opened up when I hit 78 so I went back and did them. They were a couple of very cool vehicle quests. I powered through those and then saw that I was 8 kills short of dinging. It seemed silly to go kill random things so I sat for a while to decide where I’d like to ding. Finally I decided that I liked the place I’d found yesterday.. so I flew down there and finished off my last level (for a while) on Faceless Ones.

Full Screenshot:

So .. yeah. Training was around 300g.. I think I’d forgotten to train the last few levels. I didn’t notice. The only really new spell was the Transport Circle. It looks.. situational. I’ll need to think about ways to use it.

Path to 80: All of Howling Fjord, All of Grizzly Hills, All of Dragon Blight, Most of IceCrown.

Next: figure out what I need for my gear list, level tailoring (my bank is bursting at the seams with Frostweave), level cooking (same thing here.. too much chilled meat to think about).

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  1. Ooh, congrats on 80! I’m 2.5 bars away, myself, hehe — look forward to hitting it tonight (and I guess I have to decide where I want to ding – I think Grizzly Hills is my favorite zone because of the scenery and the music – maybe there?). And you’ve waited on your tailoring? Guh, I’ve been flying my nice carpet around since hitting 77, but I’m sort of stuck on leveling for now since I quested for a long while in beast-heavy Sholazar Basin. The Frostweave Bag pattern is red for me — I’ve advertised that to guildies and non-guildie friends, though, so hopefully some more cloth is coming my way. 🙂

    Anyway, grats again on 80! Have fun searching for those darned Everfrost Chips in Storm Peaks! (Found one before I was neutral … and none since, ugh).

    Ds last blog post..15 bars, or a bazillion points, away from 80! Yay!

  2. @D
    I decided that since none of the tradeskill stuff was an upgrade (not really anyway) that I’d instead focus my energies on leveling. I’ve been accumulating all the mats and will make a big push as soon as I get organized. I’m intrigued by the carpets.. but they don’t really rock my world.. so I’m ok with sticking with my gryphon.

    Yes, I work in San Francisco and live slightly north and east of the city.

    Today, on my commute to work I read my email and started reading the blogs I follow on RSS. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on the crest of the technology wave. So far it seems to be a drool worthy piece of technology. 80’s nice too 🙂

    Both can be achieved with money and time, respectively.

  3. Very nice! Grats! You will eat up that pile of Frostweave in no time flat and ask yourself afterwards, wth? only 10 skill ups? Id suggest going for the Loremaster and Dungeonmaster of Northrend Achievements since for each of them you get to craft what are considered the best caster dps cloak and healing cloak. It will take you a while but it’s worth it cause it helps you get some tailoring level ups by just advertising in Trade Chat that you can craft them.

    You will also find yourself looking for good Cloth Farming spots if you can’t afford to buy them. The best spot I’ve found gets me around 200 pieces an hour but thats a secret i wish to keep to myself for now, lol

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