I’m bopping around Dalaran comparing gears and trying to work out my “Boss” gear vs my “Trash/Heroic” gear and I see in trade :

/Trade {known trade troll} LFM for attempt on Heroic Wintergrasp raid.

I think to myself: Self, you know that you should never listen to trade trolls.
Self replies: yabut.. it’s an easy raid. How bad can it be?

Cue ominous music

So I whisper back, get an invite, port over to Wintergrasp, enter the raid instance, join the vent server. Then I notice that in my chatbox it says that the raid instance is scheduled to reset in 10 minutes. Uh-oh.
Raid leader says Oh, we’re not going to be able to do this in the next 10 minutes. Ok. I’m going to throw up a /readycheck. Hit yes if you’re willing to stick around and we’ll quickly win this Wintergrasp and -then- do the raid.
I considered it for a second and decided meh.. at worst we’ll lose. So I hit yes. I also ran out into the zone and started farming up elementals (what? Farm when you can I say).

So.. the timer ticks down.. the raid leader acknowledges that he has -no- idea how to win this thing.. and it’s decided we’ll just zerg the workshops. You know.. a whole raid full of us. How can it go wrong?

So we zerg the workshops and get utterly and totally annihilated. We’re talking horde priests with 100k health that one-shot the prot warrior. Totally smashed.

Yeah.. so it turns out.. in Wintergrasp, if one side Totally out numbers the other side.. the outnumbered side gets this epic buff, Tenacity. So I think 5 total Hordies insta-gibbed 25 Allys and smashed their way into Wintergrasp in like 3 minutes.

How humiliating. But at least I’ve got Eternals 🙂

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