Things I can get behind

Sometimes random things are dumb.. and no one would want to do them… othertimes I wish I had a direct line to an ear at blizzard.

Things I can get behind:

A daily quest that messes up your hair. Everyday.. for money.. you do this daily quest and it “messes up your hair” (bonus points if it’s like ugly bed head or Tauren Licked). Those who -care- would have to go to the barber to get their “real hair” back. Those who don’t care would wander around with a different hair do everyday.. or EVEN BETTER~!!! nasty bedhead.

A Holiday Battleground.. Horde vs Alliance.. count the number of snowballs to hit each side. First one to 1,000 wins. Each side would be given a snow-fort and when you enter the battleground you harvest snowballs off the ground. You have a “vehicle” bar that allows you to get your toon to duck, squat, and lie flat on the ground(for dodging snowballs). Snowballs have to follow LoS rules. No offensive spells allowed.

Kael’Thas as a Lich. It’s pure win. “No, it’s only a flesh wound.”

Millhouse Manastorm as a dungeon boss. You only thought he was “just a lowly gnome.”

A battle ground, Horde vs Alliance where you jump into a bi-plane and try and shoot each other out of the sky. Think the Steelgate quarry only with a PVP bent.

Ohh or something like the above.. only You vs EVERYONE ELSE. Last plane flying wins.

So . Much . Win.

4 thoughts on “Things I can get behind

  1. I want a snowball fight too! Some awesome ideas there Nib 🙂

    And Millhouse Manastorm as a boss 😀 – the question is, who would he get to do his dirty work for him? I can’t imagine him as being a boss without adds, he’s too… Millhouse-ish to fight all by himself!

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