Because gnomes in santa suits are funny..

Saturday I joined the “PVP-go-’round”** and helped to down a couple of Horde city leaders. I’ve already gotten my Black War Bear.. but I still needed to kill 5 hordies in Silvermoon to complete an achievment. Also we had a couple of guildies who were still working on the Black War Bear so I joined and helped. The Horde fought back in Silvermoon and bada-bing-bada-boom I got my achievement.

Later on that night Fiancee happened to mention that he also needed to get 5 hordies in Silvermoon to get that achievemnt. By that time we’d bailed off the fail-train of a raid.. so they weren’t going back to Silvermoon. But I told fiancee: I have a hordie, I’ll log over and stand in Silvermoon and you can kill me. Other guildies agreed to do the same and we all logged over there.. and then waited for Fiancee to show up. He was very far away.. and we got a little bored.

Well.. there’s this thingy.. right outside of Silvermoon. It turns you into little bitty Gnomes in Santa suits. That’s funny on it’s own. Four gnomes in red/green santa suits.. line dancing at the door of Silvermoon.. that has the makings of a flash mob. We had three or four Blood Elves who would run past us, stop, turn around.. and just look at us for a while. I HOWLED with laughter.

What’s funnier than 4 gnomes (with polar bear pets) line-dancing at the entrance of Silvermoon? What about if the all /cower.

EVEN FUNNIER, fiancee hit the same transformer at the entrance of Silvermoon… so 4 cowering gnomes.. at the entrance of silvermoon.. where -slaughtered- by Santa Gnome.

I about died laughing.

**PVP-go-’round – a fail-raid where you down one city boss.. then 5-10 people drop out of the raid.. so you recruit 5-10 more people into the raid. When they join they say things like “Oh, I haven’t killed Thrall yet” so the raid leader promises we’ll swing back around and kill Thrall again.. even though technically the raid’s already killed him. The raid was a littley fail-y anyway. Very very fustrating.

2 thoughts on “Because gnomes in santa suits are funny..

  1. I absolutely love the pictures! I’ve attempted the “pvp- go ’round” as you would like to call it twice now, and both times were epic fails. As a lvl 80 tankidan, I do live up to my title of cockroach but I sure cant hit my way out of a paper bag. My first time was a very good attempt and we just took too long on Thrall and got swarmed by the Horde. The next time was just horrible. I would really love to complete this achievement but maybe it’s just not my luck at this moment.

    Congrats on your War Bear and Gnomacide!

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