Last night for the first second time since Wrath was release West Kingdom fielded a (almost) full guildie raid group and took down 25-man content. We did H-VoA and had to pug 3 spots. Then we dropped those puggers and got guildies and ex-guildies to fill those last three positions.

Last time we did this we had to pug in 6 spots. So we’re very very close to doing it on our own.

Wednesday is -supposed- to be Naxx-10 night. As we started forming up the group it looked like we’d have enough for two groups. I’m not entirely certain why we didn’t form two groups.. but we didn’t. Instead the GM and RL decided we’d head over to Wintergrasp (since we owned it) and do H-VoA.

When I arrived we had 30 more minutes until the conflict began. Knowing my guild I worried that might not be enough time (lots of cats). Despite my worry we formed up and when the first pull happened we had 25 mintues until the reset. Initially we formed up with a guildie-only group and were short 3 dpsers. We pressed on anyway.

The trash went quickly and we started on the boss. He was a 5% when he enraged *doh*. When we released we had 5 more minutes until the battle began. The raid decided to stay and “take Wintergrasp”. We were defending.

I’ve participated in a couple Wintergrasps.. but really I’m a rank newb. Usually I find a gun and shot anything that’s red. Luckily we had a few people in the raid who actually know what they’re doing. We tagged one of them with a raid symbol and stormed the towers. Eventaully I ended up stationed at the machine shop in the hole defending.

I -did- learn that if you have the glyph that allows Eye of Kilrogg to fly.. you can summon the eye in Wintergrasp and do some nice reconn with it.

We won Wintergrasp. Then as we were forming up in front of the instance we picked up 2 puggers and another guildie and smashed the boss. With the extra three dpsers we killed him without any problems well ahead of the enrage timer.

We decided to drop the two puggers and go complete H-OS. On the way over we ended up inviting two ex-guildies (they’d left the guild to go on to more progressed guilds) to fill out our numbers. With this group we smashed right through OS (again, we didn’t leave any drakes up since we want to master it before making it more difficult).

I didn’t win anything from either run.. though I did roll on the Illustration of the Dragon Soul but it went to the healy Druid instead. *sigh*

For the runs I did fairly well. I don’t think I was #1 either time.. but I do think I was in the top five. (I did much better in OS when I realized I was still wearing my trash clothes.. and changed into my “never miss” boss clothes instead)(doh).

After the run, as everyone was gemming/enchanting their new loot I remembered that I’m lame and hadn’t yet enchanted my cloak, robe, wrists or weapon. I decided to bite the bullet (and thus load the dice in my favor.. if I enchant my old stuff it’s a sure reason that fate will have me win new stuff). I think I spent upwards of 2k g on enchanting mats. But.. at least I no longer suck 🙂

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  1. On of our druid healers happened to win that trinket this weekend. We are also on Khaz Modan, hmmm…..


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