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West Kingdom finally downed Loatheb. So that means we’ve finised off every quarter except for Construct. We’re still stymied by Grobbulus. I’m certain he’ll go down soon.

I finally finished my first cut on a “badge and raid gear” list. Everything’s on there.. but not everything is linked yet. It’s a work in progress.

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  1. Grob’s will come. I found, with my guild, we had to identify what specifically the problems were, and we eliminated them one by one.

    Personally they were:
    1) Kiting him outside the grates, helped a lot
    2) Ranged always on Grob, melee killing the slimes and on Grob other times.
    3) Make sure melee attack his ankle, they don’t run behind him hitting him.
    4) Make sure everyone drops their cloud outside, between the last two clouds (or between the last cloud and Grob)

    Now, I’m hoping this week Sapp isn’t bugged in our ten man.

  2. This game plan i created will help you :

    Dont let ANYONE in front of him, and make sure the tank can hold aggro over your dps.

    Reason is : when he spews slime, it hits people…when it hits people slimes spawn…for EACH PERSON IT HITS.

    So if your tank can’t hold a decent lead in threat, grobbulus will spin around facing the raid and will most likley spew slime over 10-25 people . Or maybe your dps are unable to understand the arse from his crotch…you are going to have MANY SLIMES (HANDLE IT)

    The other thing is that your tank need to move around the edge at a decent pace waling backwards… each time grobbulus drops a clooud on the tank, the tank needs to move further along in order to have a blank spot for inject people to run to.


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