Lilac the Elderly

When I got home from work the guild was already in Naxx-10. I was a little bit disappointed to have “missed the boat” but I got over it. I did my cooking daily.. and then winged over to Sholozar Basin and did my Oracle dailies. I dinged Revered with Oracles so I was able to buy my first egg(come on RNG, mama needs a hot new ride). I then got into a guildie group for regular Utgarde Pinnacle and FINALLY got my last coin for the “Elder” title (about damned time).

The group in Naxx-10 downed Grobbulus, Gluth and Thaddius. All guild firsts! Yeah us. They then went up to try Sapphirion. One of the DPSers dropped out so I joined the group. Unfortunately the guild hadn’t expected to get here quite this fast so not very many people had frost resist gear. I had crafted my gear and gemmed it.. but it’s still unenchanted. We made several attempts at Sapphirion. Eventually we decided that the guildies would get their frost sets together and we called it.

All in all, a good night.

Looking over my Badge and Raid gear list it looks like most of my “real” upgrades will come from raids. There are two EoV badge upgrades I could get.. but the badge piece doesn’t have hit rating.. and my current piece does.. so I don’t think I can support those upgrades currently. I also need to craft the Spellweave Robe… though that piece has the same problem that it drops my hit rating. So I’m sort of stuck.

Let’s see. Todo list:
– Do the Doomguard quests. I was vaguely aware that I’d never completed this quest line.. but when the ritual killed a group member.. and created a pathetic pet.. it wasn’t worth doing. With recent buffs, this is fianlly worth doing. So Ok. Need to do this.
– Do all the old Azeroth quests (diplomat, explorer, faction mounts, low-level dungeon achievements). Right now this just seems like a huge long slog. Not looking forward to it.
– Get fishing up to acceptable levels. So not looking forward to this.

4 thoughts on “Lilac the Elderly

  1. My last coin was in Gundrak. For some reason, nobody likes doing the ‘drak. I suppose it’s also partially due to the population on Winterhoof at the time, being new and all.

  2. I just recently went after my doomguard as well and was going to make a post about the fun of summoning it today. Long story short, he had about double my health (31k?!), but can’t hold aggro at all. It was fun though, I’ll probably whip him out again for boss fights. I think we get him enslaved for like 10 minutes now if I recall right.

    The quests are a PITA just because of the travel involved, but really not that bad. I’d reccommend getting it for no other reason than being able to ask on vent: “Hey, you guys wanna do something crazy for this fight…”

  3. So the doomguard is actually halfway decent now? I might drag him out for the bossfights if that’s the case (and I don’t have to deal with the re-Enslavement bullshit. It’s been 20 freaking years since the Dark Portal first opened and humanity started using Fel magic. You’d think we’d have gotten a little more proficient in it since then…)

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