Phat Lootz

Would you still raid.. if there was no “phat lootz”?

What if the -only- reward was the badges?

So the next part of that question… Why do you need “phat lootz”?

(I’m mulling ideas.. expect more to follow)

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  1. I view downing bosses a bit like doing a puzzle. Its very engaging when you first go to do it, but once you have mastered it the puzzle becomes trivial. If I had my way you would get the loot you need the first time you down a boss, so you’d never have to do it again.

    The game should be about experiencing an ongoing story and less about grinding.


  2. I agree with Leo – once it’s done… well, it’s been done!

    If there weren’t any “phat lewtz” to get, I’d probably run an instance a few times to have done it, but then – what’s the point?

    However, even now I feel that way (and I haven’t gotten all my loot, either) and it very much has to do with not wanting to do a meaningless grind.

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  3. I would still raid without phat lootz because I enjoy the camaraderie of my guild – even when I want to strangle half of them after a bad Heigan run. But without the loot, it’d be a lot more boring. I like the gambling aspect of not knowing what loot will drop. I LOVE the whoops and cheers on vent when someone FINALLY gets that piece they need.

    Plus, I don’t like the badge gear available for me right now.

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  4. @Leo
    The problem with that is I -did- the ongoing story. It took me about a month to complete every quest added in Northrend. Blizz can’t produce content fast enough if we’re just gobbling it up and moving on. They -need- us to repeat content.

    This is the point I’m working towards. I -like- some of the fights. In fact I think Heigan’s a hoot! But I’m not sure I’d do it more than a dozen times if it wasn’t for the fact that we either need loot off of him .. or need to get past him to -get- to the better loot.

    I -like- my guild.. and I -really- like the cooperation that comes out of raiding. I think that the incentive of Phat Lootz is what allows us to raid together… but I also think it leads to some of the worst drama.

  5. The anti spam word is lootz? :O

    Anyway, to answer your question about the phat lootz. I need the phat lootz to help me work through the harder instances.

    …To get the phatter lootz.

    …To do the harder instances.

    …To get even phatter lootz.

    I think there’s a pattern here.

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  6. You mean that the badges are a worthless piece of tin?

    That the only reason to run an instance/raid is for the experience?

    Basic answer is yes, because then we would just run the instances we love for the fun of it…

    But looking a little deeper….
    Then some instances would never get touched…
    And as much as you might initially (first 5-10 runs) love an instance.. at some point it would get a bit tiresome.

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  7. I play games to actually, y’know, play the game. The endless loot treadmill isn’t really something that keeps me interested, certainly not when it’s no better than a two hour grind followed by a slot machine pull.

    Then again, I buy games that allow me to just play them at my own pace and for however long I feel like, so sub games aren’t really high on my list. That said, I’d happily pay for a single player (no recurring fee) offline WoW, and go merrily on my way exploring every nook and cranny of Azeroth.

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