“What’s your (mini) game?”

Entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes. To a non-Wow player, when you tell them “I play Warcraft” what they hear is “I play a video game”. It means something to them.. but unless they play, they aren’t aware of the depth and multiple pieces that make up that game.

There are many diverse and overlapping mini-games that make up the full game. Not everyone finds the same mini-games entertaining.

The first mini-game you run into is the “leveling game”. Some people never move past this game and declare it the “best part”. Those are altoholics. It’s a perfectly legitimate way to enjoy the game. For these people the progression from quest to quest and zone to zone is fun. For others this becomes the “leveling grind.” Another chore they have to go through to get to their real goal (whatever that might be).

There’s the “soloing” game. This includes both your time as a single player while leveling and your time testing yourself as a single player against dungeons.

There’s the “multi-boxing” game. This is very similar to the soloing game.. but more complex. It incorporates portions of the “addon and macro” game. One person controlling multiple toons.

There’s the “PVP” game. Which can be further broken down into the “Battleground”, “Arena”, “World PVP”, “Twink” and “1v1 duels” game.

There’s the “twiddle my UI, addons are fun” game. I’m a personal fan of this game. I’ve spent entire evenings doing nothing but trying out new addons or adjusting exising ones.

There’s the grinding game. Whether this means grinding dailies for rep.. or repeated killing the same mob for drops, it’s still grinding.

It’s not so much that the game “never ends”.. it’s that you can keep choosing different parts of the game to play.

What mini games are you playing? Are you winning? What mini-games are you forced to play.. but hate?

12 thoughts on ““What’s your (mini) game?”

  1. I play the crafting mini-game way more than is healthy.

    I’ve also been known to play WoW-bejewelled long after I land from a long flight. I guess that techincally falls under the addons mini-game header…

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  2. Currently I’m enjoying the “Questing” game. I’m at the level cap, but I have about 250 quests left to do in Northrend for my Loremaster Achievement.

  3. Ack!! I dont fall into any of these categories!!!

    Despite the fact that I have several alts I really despise the leveling game. its just boring as hell. Maybe I despise it because I have leveled so many alts? I should say that I play alts to get a better insight into what other people are doing in the game. Hunters are still way to easy.

    I cant seem to enjoy the solo game more than an hour or so.

    Multiboxing seems too much like masterbation. Sure, its great and all but you dont have anyone to brag about it with.

    I’d enjoy pvp if it was fair. But unless you have the perfect class, with the perfect spec, or ton of friends, and a computer free from the lag monster its hard to get anywhere.

    Addons are great and all. But for me they sometimes complicate things too much. I’ve found no bigger frustration in this game then an addon that causes UI issues(groupcalendar for instance).

    The grind. What can I say, there is a reason that I can’t do dailies to save my life.

    I’d have to say that if there is any aspect of this game that I really fit into is that of a tinkerer. I love to take a class and spec, gear and play them in a way that no one has tried before, much to the ridicule of my guildmates. The articles on Wowinsider about the pascifist rogue, the naked warrior, and the talentless hunter really struck a cord with me.

  4. Ummmm, what about the raiding game? I know people of whom their sole purpose in WoW is to raid. And I totally, totally agree (and would say the same thing) about the Auction House game.

  5. Pfft, I -never- said I’d named off all the games.. heck.. there’s the RP-erotica in SW tram.. or.. um.. fishing (shudder). No offense Hy.. but *shudder*

  6. I dislike the farming/gold game. Anything repetitious is not ‘fun’ it can be therapudic – or useful as a something to do while multi tasking with a dvd or youtube, but sometimes it feels like a second job..

  7. i couldn’t help but laugh at this thread. it’s hilarious! okays, my top mini games in order.

    1.) raiding – i play to raid
    2.) fishing!!!!
    3.) flying around in circles in a random zone chatting and surfing the net

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  8. My preferred activity in WoW is the shutterbug game. I find pretty things to look at (mostly landscapes), and take screenshots. I have well over a thousand, and that’s just from puttering around in the ten day trial a few times playing different races.

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