I can has armored murloc?

Is an armored pet murloc worth $20? You bet your OCD pet-loving hiney it is! Who’s with me?

In other news, Krizzlybear of Frost Is The New Black tagged me for Mai’s neat little WoW screenshot meme thingy.

Let’s see.. #6 from the top… ugh not terribly fair since I’d just done a metric ton of screenshots for an upcoming “how to not DIAF in OS when you have 1 fps” blog post I’m working on..(BORING). So I counted the other direction. #6 from the bottom:

So the story goes like this. I’m wending my way through Dragonblight.. and I arrive at Star’s Rest.. and they have the tiniest “inn” you’ve ever seen. Very cute.. one little tent. Except there’s this guy.. he’s hogging the whole bed.. So I climbed up on the bed and started jumping on it.. but he doesn’t wake up. So eventually I just leaned over him and in a very low whisper asked “Hey Meester!! ‘Cha doin’? Are you sleeping? Wake up wake up wake up.” Boy was he surprised.

[edited to add:]
OOps! I forgot to tag ppl.

1. BOB!! you know you’re it. DO IT DO IT DO IT. (AdmiralLlanion)
2. Hydra of Almost Evil 🙂
3. Anna of Too Many Annas
4. Bre of Vertically challenged firearm loving female.
5. Quak of Stoppable Force
6. Ziya of Combat Medic (who might read this..)

3 thoughts on “I can has armored murloc?

  1. Okay, so you ‘tagged’ me (and miracle of miracles, I saw it in a semi-timely manner) — but the link you have about “Mai’s neat little WoW screenshot meme thingy.” just links back to your page. 🙁
    You want I should care so much as to go track that down? Memes are the work of the devil, and while I may allow myself to be tempted from time to time, I sure as heck ain’t gonna chase em down.
    Studying for an exam,
    Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle
    Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrim, Pinate, Trapezium, Trapezoid, C_____, Hamate. Glad it’s gonna be multiple-choice…

    Ediths last blog post..I can do what?

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