Loot Whoring

Finally I was able to get into Naxx-10. For various reasons I haven’t been able to go for the last six weeks!! Luckily I was able to get home early enough and get an invite.

We started at ~7:30 and went until 12:00.. We had an unfortunate 30 minute Heigan.. and was able to downed three wings (everything except construct). I made a nasty piggy of myself and came out with 3 purples (2 upgrades). I got a belt.. and then the next boss dropped and upgrade to that belt. No one else wanted it so.. yeah!

I think I ran at about 2.3-2.0k dps. I’m pleased.

2 thoughts on “Loot Whoring

  1. Yeah, that’s about what I’ve been running in Naxx and I still have a couple good badge upgrades available to me. Also, don’t have any of the ebonweave stuff. Thus, there are some good upgrades in my future and I’m rocking out respectable DPS. Maybe the problem with ‘locks was completely due to poor scaling before gearing?

    In any case, grats on the Naxx, we’re still having problems dancing, but cleared arachnid last night.

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